Disneyland Paris Annual Passes

Annual Pass: Are they worth it?

This is information for Disneyland Paris and does not count for other resorts around the world. This is Annual Pass worth it? An annual pass sounds like it's a lot of money. And let's be fair, it really is. However I think that an annual pass is actually a lot cheaper than buying regular tickets. … Continue reading Annual Pass: Are they worth it?


Celebrating Disney Christmas

One of the most magical times to be celebrating Disney Christmas is upon us. Just a couple of weeks before the jolly red guy comes down our chimney and showers us with gifts. Want to see some christmas pictures? Check out our Instagram. At home or at the parks? Celebrating christmas at home is something … Continue reading Celebrating Disney Christmas

Trip Report – Getting our Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

Being able to visit any day of the year is a dream of Disney fans. Saving lots of money doing it is a huge plus. Our Disneyland Paris Annual Pass was something else, let's talk about that! Baby it's cold outside When we arrived it was around the point of freezing. I'm not kidding either, … Continue reading Trip Report – Getting our Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

My first Disney Christmas

If you've been following our Disney instagram then you probably know about our upcoming trip. We are going to celebrate Christmas in Disneyland Paris and it's a big deal to me. Join me and let's talk about My first Disney Christmas. Losing a father Like most great stories you have to lose a loved one. … Continue reading My first Disney Christmas

Disney+ Noelle review

Disney has always been good with their christmas movies. And with the launch of Disney+ we also have a Disney+ Original movie called Noelle. Sit down with me and let's talk about the Disney+ Noelle review. Christmas tale as old as time Some people would argue that there are too many Christmas movies. And I … Continue reading Disney+ Noelle review

Highschool musical the musical the series Episode 1 review

I think that I want the only one sceptical of Highschool musical the musical the series. Man that's a mouthful, which is also the point. So I decided to write an honest review because it was totally not what I expected. Let's talk about the new Disney+ original show that has people talking. This is … Continue reading Highschool musical the musical the series Episode 1 review

Disney+: Disney Channel movies are underrated

Now that Disney+ had it's big North American release I think it's time to talk about content. When I was in college High School Musical was the Frozen of nowadays. It was everywhere. And still the other Disney Channel movies are underrated. Come sit down with me and let's discuss why Disney+ Disneychannel movies are … Continue reading Disney+: Disney Channel movies are underrated

Disney+ Netflix killer?

We are on the front of D-day of our lifetime! We are on the start of something new and amazing. Tomorrow (12th of November) will be Disney+ Day! Disney+ Netflix killer? Let's find out! Interested in Disney news? Check out Mainstreetglobenews Disney+ vs Netflix The big question in mind is if Disney+ will kill Netflix. … Continue reading Disney+ Netflix killer?

Disney+ What you need to know

Disney+ has been out for a while in The Netherlands and Netflix has been collecting dust at my home. I think it's the best streaming service, but I've noticed that a lot of people don't really know what it is. So let me give you the most important Disney+ "what you need to know" tips! … Continue reading Disney+ What you need to know

Smoking in Disney parks

Smoking's been here since before anyone living right now was born. Although the majority of people have quit or never smoked at all theres still a large group that does. Disney parks get affected by that and that's not good. Let's talk about that! Smoking ban If you do not follow Disney resort news then … Continue reading Smoking in Disney parks