Art of Animation Closing in Disneyland Paris

On the 7th of January Art of Animation in the Walt Disney Studios park in Disneyland Paris closed its door forever.

Outside look of Art of Animation
Outside look of Art of Animation

Art of Animation, not be confused with the hotel in Walt Disney World, was one of the opening attractions of Walt Disney Studios on 16th of March 2016.
With its iconic Hollywood style building and Peter Pan cone it will always be remembered by many who have visited the park.

Although it wasn’t a traditional ride and many thought it was a waste of space, I think many who love animation will miss this dearly.

You were taken into a theater kind of space where a stage was setup to look like an 90’s workstation for animators and that’s where a cast member would come on stage and tell you about animation.


My biggest problem lies there, it was in French. You were prompted to put on the headset (merely a 90’s Philips Walkman headset which has been worn millions of times by now, which showed), so then you needed to push buttons to cycle to find the language that suits you best.
During the presentation the animator was accompanied by Mushu from Mulan and I was glad that I had put it on English, because Eddy Murphy voiced Mushu here aswell. But overall I thought it was kind of lackluster and I had hoped on more in-depth explanation.
After the “show” was done you were ushered outside to where an animation workshop was being given to anyone who wanted to try. This was the coolest part for sure.

All in all I won’t be too sad that this “attraction” is gone, but I would love for them to make something brand new!
With Marvel land starting construction in April we can only guess what will happen to the original part of Walt Disney Studio’s, but one thing is for sure, it can only get a lot better!

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