Disney Dating

I think we all have ever thought of dating another Disney nut like yourself right?
I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’ve found out that it is really hard to find a partner who loves Disney just as much as I do.

Disney Dating Sites

There is one Disney Dating Site that I know of and that is mousemingle.com.
I’ve been staring at it a lot, I’ve registered myself to it but I have not interacted much with it.


Why you ask? It’s an American website with the majority of people living in the US or England and not in The Netherlands where I live.
Because it is $12,99 a month, it’s kind of a steep price, but it does draw me back in every single time I see it on my social media. Because wich man doesn’t want his princess or damsel in distress. A buddy to go to the parks with and have romantic diners.

I think I am going to give it a good college try soon and get a membership.

Dating a Disney nut like yourself

Recently my girlfriend broke up with me who is just as much a Disney nut as myself and we are still best friends but not in a relationship.
When we started dating we talked about our Disney passion, our favorite Disney movies, Disney songs, everything Disney came up. And I must say that it feels amazing to date someone with the same passion as you with Disney.
Plans are often made to go to the parks, because what is more romantic than to walk down onto Main street hand in hand while looking at the castle?

After a couple of weeks of dating we decided to spend a week together where we would do a whole week of Disney Diners.

Moana Disney Diner

Every day we used a different theme from Main street USA, Moana, Hercules, Coco and many more! It is a lot of work to do, but it is so much fun to do that together!
Because in the end, you are the Disney power couple to do this craziness!

Be carefull with the romance

I was so happy to be dating my college sweetheart from 14 years ago that I kind of lost track with my romantic views. I bought her roses to symbolise Beauty and the Beast, I called her my Rapunzel most of the time. I wanted to be her prince.
I wanted everything to be our happily ever after, but I fell trough the rabbit hole and I went all in. The Disney bubble is beautiful, but stay true to yourself.

How to find your Disney prince(ss)

I’ve been thinking about this for many MANY years, and I still don’t have the complete answer. Dating sites will have the occasional Disney nut, and Mouse Mingle does indeed have a lot of them, but what if you want to find him or her outside of social media dating?

I think everybody has been infected by some kind of Disney virus, but most people outgrew it and think it is more for children than adults, so it is really hard to find your true love by just looking in your circle. Going to a bar in a Disney shirt can be fun, but people will find you odd.
The work place is of course also a good place to find some office romance, but then again don’t try to make drama at the work place.

So I need your help, I need your stories so I can complete this blog. Please leave a comment and tell me your ideas!


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