Too old for Disney?

“Aren’t you too old for Disney?”

Let’s raise some hands, who has heard this before?
You are at work and you walk in with your favorite Mickey Mouse shirt and you have all the confidence in the world and you hear: “Aren’t you too old for Disney?”.

Man if I got a dollar for everytime I heard that in my life, I could pay my rent with it. But the question is, is there anything like being too old for Disney?
In my opinion? No! How could you ever be too old for something? If you enjoy it, then do it. (unless it’s highly illegal, but you get the point.)

In 1995 when Walt Disney opened Disneyland in Anaheim he gave an amazing speech.


“To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” -Walt Disney 1955      Disneyland, Anaheim

Like he says, everyone is welcome, Disneyland is your land, you may relive your youth, the youth may look at the future.
So Walt Disney himself said it’s more than ok to be a Disney fan back in 1955, so why would it be weird now in 2019?

I think it is because Walt Disney movies used to be almost only cartoons in peoples eyes. Most people won’t look into something more than just the shallows and yes, then you will remember movies like Aladin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc. etc.
In my generation those were the movies you watched as a kid, and back then you lived those movies.
A couple of years back with the Frozen hype, this didn’t help us as Disney adults. Because all the marketing was done to little girls, because Disney knew that little girls would love to see this movie! I in fact love that movie too, it has one of my favorite Disney songs in it. But to the masses this was just a movie for little girls. This wasn’t their generation Disney movie.

Now a couple of years later, we know we are going to get Live Action movies of some of our favorite movies from decades ago!
Before I speak of them, we first need to look at Beauty and the Beast. That was the first Live Action movie to come out that was remade for a new audience and the old audience. This one wasn’t just for little girls, this one was for everyone! But then again, with all the merchandise in place for girls to imagine that they are Belle, that didn’t help the generic publics opinion.
If you’d like to read my opinion about the new Beauty and the Beast movie, click here!


This year we are getting Dumbo, made by one of my favorite directors Tim Burton! He’s known to make dark and gritty movies like Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Franken Weeny,  Sweeny Todd, etc. etc.
So not only are we going to get a remake of a fan favorite, Dumbo, we are getting a very mature version of the story!
It also features an amazing cast of Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, those names are known for their amazing acting and from the trailer I’ve seen, it is going to be a very serious, yet playful movie!


We are also getting a new version of Aladin. This was a bit of a troubled movie because people couldn’t accept the Genie to be played by Will Smith, instead of our very beloved Robin Williams. But in the end I know we are going to love it! It’s Disney!


We are also getting an updated version of the Lion King. Why do I say updated? Because the trailer made it seem like it’s the exact same movie, but with update graphics. And I completely understand why they did this, because it’s such an hyped movie. When I talk to friends who like Disney, they all say that The Lion King is their favorite movie!
It’s not a shocker that Disneyland Paris is doing a Festival of the Lion King this summer, it will draw a lot more crowd than an Aladin Summer. Not that Aladin isn’t good, I used to have a plushie monkey called Abu. But you have to look at the masses.


I think, we as Disney Adults, need to get the Marvel hype over to our Disney lifes and make people see that Disney is infact for adults too!
Let’s wear our Mickey and Minnie ears with pride! Let us have couple shirts and walk around like it is a Spider-Man shirt. Let’s get this done!

So in my opinion, are you ever too old to be a Disney fan? No!
We have to stick to our guns, we have to believe in our dreams. If someone disagrees just tell them to have a magical day and move on. But we are alowed to love Disney as much as we do, and we shall for always and ever live in Walt Disney’s words:

“To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past”

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