How to find your prince or princess?

How can you find prince or princess?

This is something I’ve been thinking a whole lot about. Personally I’m not a person who goes to a bar and do hookups. Neither am I a person who walks up to a girl and just asks for her number.

But you dont need all that to meet your happily ever after. I know it might sound impossible, but when you are ready it will come to you!

Be confident

If you are confident people will see you differently. They will look at you with a face like: “who are you?”. And that’s not a bad thing at all! That means that you are so confident at that moment that people want to know more about you. Just make sure you dont make yourself a Gaston.

Being overly confident

Being too confident, a Gaston if you will, makes people not trust you. They will think that you are just making stuff up and that you’ll be disappointing in the end.

I used to be a musician and let me tell you, when you are getting popular you will get a lot of fake confidence. Just be yourself, or better yet, be the version of yourself that you want to be.

How to approach someone

Let’s say you are at work and you know this cute girl or handsome guy and you are both into the same Disney stuff. Just walk up and give a compliment. Make yourself known! If you never talk to that person, they wont know that you like them. Say something like: “you know you have such a cute smile” if they give an even bigger smile then they dont mind you saying that. If he or she is a bit goofy say: “I think it’s so much fun that you are so weird! You are kinda like me!”

And most importantly, watch body language, when they talk to you and they aren’t even facing you then it might mean that they are not interested. But if they keep looking into your eyes and maybe even touch your arm, then you know that they are really interested!

Dont be too much!

It’s easy to overcrowd the person you like. Make sure you give the person space to come to you if they enjoy talking to you. Because in the end, if you are an interesting person, they will defenitly will be back for more!

Once more: Be confident!

If you dont like yourself how can you expect someone else to like you? Wear clothing you like a lot! Listen to music you really love and give you a boost.

When I want to feel confident I listen to songs like Ducktales. The lyrics are about getting stuff done, about danger, but when you need help just grab onto some ducktails!

So confidence, confidence and again confidence! Get out there and just do it!

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