Spider-man Date

*Any media on this page is free to use! Use it for your own awesome dates!*

Always been a big fan of Spider-man? Always been looking for your Mary Jane?
Look no further, let me tell you about the Spider-man themed date I’ve done!

So when Into the Spider-verse came out me and my then girlfriend where really excited, because we had grown up with Spider-man and her discovery of Spider-gwen made her excitement even better! So we were thinking, how can we make a Spider-man date legendary?

First off, we made our own T-shirts! She loved Spider-gwen so she made herself a kick ass Spider-gwen shirt, and she made me a Miles Morales Spider-man shirt, because I’ve been reading his stories for years and loved his story!

We already loved our shirts but we wanted more. So we started thinking about what would be an awesome addition for a cinema date.
So we thought of the special popcorn buckets you can buy, but knowing that we were a bit low on cash we were thinking of making them ourselfs!
So she started designing something I could never have dreamed of!


The popcorn buckets were made by using hard photopaper. The only problem is that they aren’t as sturdy as normal hard paper popcorn buckets, but it was still an amazing idea.
When we walked into the movie theater, nobody told us that we couldn’t have it with us, because quite frankly, nobody thought that this was home made.
The Coca Cola bottles also have a Spider-verse theme, just like the popcorn buckets.

If you want to use the designs, go right ahead, we want to share the spider love!

All in all, this date was a major succes, also because the movie was so much better than we ever could have imagined! But to give a certain theme to a date gives it so much more depth and you can really show your passion to eachother and you’ll grow closer!

I hope you enjoyed this spider-verse theme idea and if you have any ideas please let me know!


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