Is Disney manly enough for guys?

Have you ever thought, is Disney Manly enough?
Is it weird to walk amongst all the little and big girls who are dreaming of finding their Prince Charming or their handsome thief or ruffian?

I would say yes, Disney is very manly! I mean every prince has a very handsome and strong-looking aspects to them. Look at Gaston! He’s roughly the size of a barge! Look at Aladdin, he might not be as muscular as Gaston, but I don’t know anyone who didn’t want to be the street rat who got to be with the Princess with a really awesome monkey by your side!


Look at Flynn Rider! He is a very cool individual who likes to take the world to his own, and preferably an island surrounding him with piles of money!

TANGLED, l-r: Rapunzel (voice: Mandy Moore), Flynn Rider (voice: Zachary Levi), 2010. ©Walt Disney S

Disney has a lot of good manly role models, and has good messages to boys and men. Work hard to get your goals, and be respectful to woman. It’s an easy enough message, but it is also an important one!

Disney also has a lot of merchandise made for men, you do have to look hard sometimes, but there are awesome shirts and other merch available.

One of my  favorite Manly locations in Disneyland Paris is Dapper Dans, located on Main street U.S.A. an old-fashioned Barber Shop. For 30 euro’s you can get your hair cut and for 20 euro’s you can get a shave.


It’s also really popular to go there, when I went to get my much-needed hair cut and shave, I was lucky enough to be the second in line because when I was done there were 8 other men waiting for their old-fashioned barber experience.
So if you want this manly experience, be sure to be an early bird!

Food is also where Disney shines for men. If you think of all the restaurants with excellent steaks and with liquor now sold at certain restaurants in the parks a man can feel himself Gaston for a couple of days!

So next to all the Princess and girly stuff, there is most definitely room for manly men in the Disney world. I mean, isn’t every Disney girl looking for their strong prince Charming?

So whenever you think: “Is Disney manly enough?”, YES! yes it is!

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