Did Disney Make Captain America Sexy?

Captain America in the comics has always been a bit of a dull boy scout character. He was really popular a long, long time back. He was in fact the first Super Hero Stan Lee wrote about at a different studio before taking it to Timely Comics (what later becomes Marvel). But let’s be real. He’s no Iron Man (although Iron Man in the comics is a bit of an asshole), Hulk or even a Wolverine.

But now under the management of the great Kevin Feige, Captain America really has come to a new understanding of what it means to be Captain America.

I had to convince a lot of friends to watch The First Avenger flick, because they thought Captain America was everything they didn’t like about America, while in fact Captain America does not represent its government, nor it’s values. Captain America resembles the little guy that keeps fighting over and over.


“I can do this all day” -Steve Rodgers

So how did they actually make Cap sexy?


The origin is quite the same, he gets a super soldier serum made by Dr. Abraham Erskine who needs a perfect candidate. Not someone who has the body of a god, or who is willing to fight. Because he doesn’t need another bully, he needs a pure human who is willing to sacrifice everything to the people, for the people.

So here is this skinny small guy from Brooklyn who wants to stand up against bullies, he doesn’t run away from a fight, he charges it head on. With his fists up high and stands back up every time he gets slammed down to the ground.
You have got to admire that.

I’m personally not the tallest guy, especially for Dutch men, so this was highly inspirational to me. No matter how big the guy, never step down from a bully. Get him on the ropes and tire him down.
So that is step 1 to make a sexy guy for guys to admire.

Step 2, the transformation

In a secret lab underneath Brooklyn, there is a secret lab where the super soldier serum was injected to Steve Rodgers. You hear him scream in agony, but he refuses to stop, he can do it he said! He can endure the pain!


So I’m working my butt off to get into shape, doing way more than I should with my push ups and sit ups. Why? Because I can endure the pain. I’ve been taught to always keep on going and Steve Rogers taught me to keep going, no matter how painful it is.

His transformation didn’t just make him stronger, it also made him taller. When you are fit, you feel like a totally different person than when you are overweight or feeling really bad. So his transformation has more meaning that it shows. It shows that when you get in shape, you will feel like a super human. And it really does. It makes you feel you can take on the world.

But that brings the bully really close to this story. That’s why they needed a pure person. Because the serum makes good better and bad worse. Same goes for life, if you want to change, it starts from within.


Steve Rogers has a goal, and that is to stop bad people and especially bullies. He doesn’t want to kill any Nazi’s, but he will do anything to protect the people around him. Just look at the scene where he hears that the 107th is killed and captured, because he knows his best friend Bucky is in the 107th.
So instead of being the dancing monkey, he sets his goal straight. He is going to free the 107th and going to save Bucky Barnes.

With the help of Howard Stark (Tony Starks dad) and Agent Peggy Carter, he flies over enemy territory and drops behind Enemy lines to get to the 107th. He doesn’t want to kill anyone he sees, he just knocks them the heck out! Multiple times you see Hydra soldiers get punched to where they fly off by a couple of yards. That’s some impressive power, but we all know that he can do so much more!

He frees the 107th and the legend of Captain America is born, his goal is achieved and he can finally help people who need it the most.


After Ice Age

Most of us know what happened to Captain America, he becomes an icicle and in 2008 he gets unfrozen again.
He is still admired by most, but forgotten by the masses. He gets refered to as the person who their parents or grandparents loved. He was never dismissed by the army so he was still officialy a Captain in rank.

Chitauri war

In Avengers at the end battle with the Chitauri you can clearly see that the masses have forgotten about the legend of Steve Rogers. But he is still the leader he was 70 years prior, it is his task to get the Avengers to become a team, I mean afterall Phill Coulson has his old trading cards! But it’s not easy to get people who never worked together, to actually work together.
The “death” of Phil Coulson makes them group up and kick some Loki butt!

At the battle of New York one of Captains America’s tasks is to disperse the civilians and get the ground people to keep civilians as far as possible away from harm.
He jumps on a police cruiser and tells the police to do what he says, but the police officer doesn’t want to listen because afterall, who is he to command them?
But after saving them from some Chitauri grunts they follow his every order.

That is another reason why to admire Captain America, and why he is sexy. He can take the lead, and he’s a real leader! He is the Alpha Male of the group and nobody can denie it. Most men would love to become an Alpha Male and be a leader like Steve Rodgers.

In all the later films he stays the same person, with the same ideals. He even broke up his team for the best of the team. He made that decision, because he was the one to make it.


So did Disney make Captain America sexy? Yes! Who doesn’t want to be the super soldier for a day? Who doesn’t want to stay with their ideals even if i would kill them?
I’m happy that Disney made such a role model for all growing up boys and adults. Be the person that you want to be, to help the masses!

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