Is there place for Deadpool in Disney?

I think everyone and their grandmother have heard that Disney acquired the tv and movie departments of Fox. One of the biggest trade deals in history.
One of the biggest stars of Fox right now is Deadpool, but is he the right fit for Disney?


Disney is getting a lot of flack from mature audiences to not dare to kill off people (ha! infinity war showed them!) and also the strict rules Disney sets for their stars is also getting a lot of frowns.
We all know that Disney wants to keep the best image possible, and who can blame them? They want everything to be family friendly so everyone can watch their content. But we also know that Disney goes with the times.

Some would argue that the heroes in the MCU cannot do too much violence, but have we forgotten Groot with his impaling of 5 soldiers? They weren’t human, so maybe that doesn’t count. But come on! Or have we not heard of The Punisher on Netflix? He does some incredibly gruesome acts!

So where does Deadpool fit? Can he finally become the Disney Princess he desperately wants to become?



Disney holds a pretty impressive family friendly image, and that is more than ok! But the people have spoken, they DO want to see R rated Super Heroe Movies!
Deadpool has made $783.112.979 world wide, and Deadpool 2 made $784.804.768, so the audience has spoken! They even released in the same year Once Upon A Deadpool that made $349.791.735. That is highly impressive for a PG13 version of a movie that came out THE SAME YEAR!


So Deadpool is showing that it wants to be able to get into the MCU. Sure the blood and gore have to be somewhat tuned down, but I’m sure that Ryan Reynolds can do an amazing PG Deadpool with so many little hints and dialogue!

I think that this is the image Disney needs for their Adult audience.

Stitch vs Deadpool

Before we even had a movie version of Deadpool, we had Stitch. One can argue that Stitch is based on Deadpool with its weirdness and not being shy of violence. Let’s be honest, Stitch had been made to be violent. Maybe Deadpool can get his naughty meter drawn by Lilo? Oh my god, that would be an amazing short!


A couple of weeks ago there was a video trending of Stitch going to some of the original movies and be part of it as the little menace that he is. That is so Deadpool!

So why not do that the same with Deadpool? Disney has done harder and more questionable stuff!

Deadpool Avenger


There is a running gag in the comics that Deadpool wants to be an Avenger, but he’s not allowed because of his nature to violence. So Deadpool has changed himself, because he wants to be a kick ass Avenger! In fact Deadpool has become the only Avenger in one of the runs he has done a couple of years ago. Deadpool became mad rich after doing a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. (and having to work to retrieve the money that they didn’t want to pay him) and he literally bought the Avengers! He became a bit of a super hero for hire kind of deal. Interesting enough he hired a lot of villains to become his associates who would do his work as kind of Deadpools. But the new-found heart (his daughter) made him have an actual heart and he started helping people for free.

So why not make a whole running gag in the MCU about Deadpool and the Avengers? Make him work as much as he has to do in the Comics.


Believe it or not, but Deadpool is actually a really good role model in the comics. Albeit it only happened after he found out that he had a daughter and Agent Preston was moved into his head.


Deadpool will go to the end of the world, even to hell itself, to protect the ones he truly loves. He is not as selfless as popular media wants to portray as. He actually has morals that are pretty spotty at best. But he still wants to do what is right.

I think that Disney can turn around Deadpool to become a real role model that kids want him to be, and that parents will find safe for their kids to watch or reenact.

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