Will Smith as the genie?

I think that most people have heard now that Will Smith will be the Genie in the upcoming Aladdin movie.
I think that most Disney fans have heard that a lot of people think that Will Smith will ruin our vision of the genie played by the genius Robin Williams.


But why are people so scared? Why are people yelling death and destruction about the new Genie?

Personally I think it’s the Lion King effect. Most hard-core Disney fans are 90’s kids, and which movies came out around that time? Right, our most beloved movies! Aladdin was a big part of that, and we all loved the Genie! So now that we hear that someone else is going to do the impossible task of becoming a new Genie, we are obviously scared.

But people are forgetting something crucial. We are talking about Will Smith. He’s an amazing actor with an amazing talent for comedy. He also understands why it is so important to get this role perfect! And we are also talking about Disney, the company that only allows perfection to be produced.

So why are we so vocal? Why are we so scared?
The internet has always an opinion, and trough the thousands of comments made every single minute on everything we love, we get a lot of hate by a lot of anonymous people. Because if you are bored, the most fun thing to do is go on the internet and just hate on something other people will love! I don’t get why people like that, but it’s something alright.

It’s a bold move by Disney to be making this movie in this day and age. I remember when Marvel announced Miss Marvel to a muslim girl. People were outraged!
In this “Make America Great Again” timeline that we live in, it’s difficult not to hear the hating on other races people scream on top of their lungs how they do not want some middle eastern story to be told, because of foreigners.

I think that this is a brilliant strategy by Disney to show that they are here for everyone! Because Disney accepts everyone, no matter who you are, what religion you practise or what gender you are.
Personally I have loved Aladdin so much as a kid, I knew it was middle eastern and it was never a problem to me. Why? Because that is how it should be! It’s an amazing story, made by the company that doesn’t take their productions lightly.

So do I think that this Genie will be good? I believe it will be. But I’ll give my final judgement when I have seen the movie in the movie theater with everyone else!

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