Valentine as a Disney geek

Valentines day is coming up and we all know the feeling, I should ask someone out.

Why is that?

Disney is great with love stories, and we were all raised to believe in true love and magic. However Valentines Day doesn’t feel like magic for most, because of fear of rejection or the thought of nobody loving you.

It’s a day where people feel confident enough to ask that special person out on a date, but why should it be that special person? Why dont you ask someone from your inner circle?

A big part of being friends is being able to share everything, do stupid stuff together and maybe even be a bit intimate together.

Asking a friend

I want to stop the stigma where it has to be a crush that you ask out. You are friends for a reason.

What if Lefou had asked Gaston to have a special dinner somewhere? Maybe Gaston would see that they are actually more than friends!

Many long time relationships say that they are with their best friend and that is why they can make it work.

What if he or she says no?

You are friends for a reason, and if your relationship is so fragile that asking your friend out for Valentine is the reason you don’t speak anymore then were you actual best friends at all?

Some Disney Romance

Like we all know, Disney is romantic as heck. So here are some ideas:

  • A red rose from beauty and the beast
  • A nice dinner in the style of Princess and the Frog
  • Hawaiian diner and fun like Lilo and Stitch
  • Sing your favorite Disney love song to your friend to show your friendship and love.

There are so many cool and romantic ideas that you can make it the way YOU would love it.

Be creative and dont be scared, go out there and ask that special someone or your life long friend. And remember, keep having fun together!

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