Is Disney The Most Romantic Place On Earth?

For most people Disneyland or Disneyworld is just a themepark, a very expensive themepark with that. But what does Disney sell?

The reason why I named my website Wish Upon A Star comes from the ideas of Walt Disney himself. He wished upon a star to get his dreams come true, he believed that if you wished upon a star and worked really hard that you can live your dream. And that is what Disney sells, they sell you your dreams.

I know, I know, not everyone is as big as a Disney fan as me, but everybody loves romance, and romance is something Disney does best! Remember all the Disney films you saw as a kid? Mostly they were about a princess looking for her prince charming and a bad guy wanted to stop it. All the variables on the way were different, but this was Disney’s goal.

But why does Disney sell it to kids you may ask? Because parents will watch it with their kids, and parents want to go back to their romantic years, the years where love was everything and anything was possible.

On 17th of June 1955 Disneyland opened its gates, the first of all the Disney resorts in the middle of Anaheim in California. It was a bit of a rushed project because Walt Disney couldn’t wait to make peoples dreams come true. Girls with high heels would sink into the still wet concrete and a lot more problems were on that day.
A project on this kind of scale was never done before, so Disney went back to the drawing board again and again, always evolving his own dream to make other peoples dreams possible.

So where does the magic start?

The moment you walk underneath the trainstation and right into Mainstreet U.S.A.
When you walk underneath the trainstation your brain transitioned, from standing in line for a while to getting excited to finaly getting into the park. They made the trainstation long enough that you cannot see easily what is behind it, but the moment you walk onto Mainstreet U.S.A. you see the most amazing view ever in my opinion.

Mainstreet U.S.A.

You walk upon Mainstreet U.S.A. and you see a street from the 1900’s full with life, maybe you are lucky enough that entertainers are there to show you how life was back then. When you walk around make sure you listen to all the sounds and smell all the smells, because this street lives!

Walking there with a loved one is the most magical experience ever because it feels like home, atleast to me. The music welcomes you into a magical world, the smells make you want to eat lots of candy, especialy cotton candy for some reason.

But when you view along the street of Mainstreet U.S.A. you see the castle! My favorite castle by far is the castle in Disneyland Paris. Not because it’s bigger, not because it’s the original. Because it is by far the most romantic looking castle of all. It just looks like it’s actually from a Disney movie.

When you arrive at the main hub in front of the castle you have a couple of choices, Do you want to go to Fantasyland and go trough the castle? Do you want to go to Tomorrowland (Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris) or do you want to go to Adventureland?

If I’d be there I’d take my loved one right into Fantasyland, it’s just so magical! You walk into a medieval village that comes from almost every Disney movie ever, and everywhere there are references to all the movies. In Disneyland Paris there is even a store made about Mickey and the Beanstock, which is one of my favorite Mickey movies.

All of the lands are designed to be stimulating your dreams and adventures, and doing that with a loved one is the best way to do that!

So is Disneyland the most romantic place in the world? Yes! We haven’t even talked about the restaurants or hotels yet and it is already the place where you can have adventures with your loved ones and feel really romantic.


3 gedachten over “Is Disney The Most Romantic Place On Earth?

  1. I sooo agree!! Ive only been to Disneyland paris with my boyfriend twice, and theres something about it that makes me feel so ‘lovey dovey’ just the atmosphere and everyone being so happy, its the best place i think to have the happiest time with your partner!

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    1. Disneyland Paris really does have that romantic vibe that the other parks kind of lack. Not that they aren’t romantic at all. But like legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter said: “Disneyland was the original, Disney World was about how big we could go, Disneyland Paris is our passion project. What if we could do it perfect this time?”
      And there you go, the most romantic place on earth 😀


      1. Very true! Also maybe just the thought of being Paris and if you wanted having a day trip to Paris (the most romantic city) adds an element of romance!

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