Valentines Day!

So today it is Valentines day and we are all hoping to find our prince charming or damsel in distress, but is it really all about that?

You can wish upon a star for your loved one to drop from the sky, you can sell your voice to an evil witch, but what is Valentines really about?


I like to see it more in the Lilo and Stitch way where Lilo wishes upon a star for a friend, someone who understands her and won’t make fun of her being “different”. Isn’t that what we all want? A best friend to do weird stuff with, but do we ever even thank your best friend for being the weirdo he or she is?

But what if you do have a prince charming or damsel in distress?

Ok, so you have found the guy or girl of your dreams and you don’t dare to ask them out. Think of what Gaston would do, just gather your balls or lady balls and ask the person out! Ok maybe a little bit different than Gaston, be more charming, be more yourself!
Think of a nice date that you would enjoy, because if your parnter to be doesn’t like your date that you are bringing them to, are they actually worth the time?
Just be you!

Liking the same gender

What if you are gay and you don’t know if the other one is gay?
So this is pretty hard, because you can’t just walk up to someone and ask: “Are you gay?”, I mean that would even be weird for me, and I’m pretty weird!
Bring it up in a conversation, don’t be like Lefou and wait your whole life and just follow him/her everywhere.

But maybe you have picked up some signals, some certain looks. Just go for it! What is the worst you can get? That they get mad and walk away? Then they are not worth your time. This is your story, you decide what happens in your story. If you are brave enough to do such a big step, then do it! Don’t wait your whole life to do that what you’d love to do your whole life!

The Date

So they have said yes! Congrats! You are about to go on an adventure that you will only go on once with the same person, the first date! But their is the pressure, you can only impress them once for the first time!

Ok, breath, you can do this! You can do this!
What do you like in a date? What would you like to get in a date?

Let me give you some examples:

  • Dinner
  • Movie
  • Dinner/movie
  • Netflix and chill
  • Museum
  • Hotel
  • Amusement Park


So you want to go to do a dinner date? Great! It’s an awesome time to talk while you are eating. Make sure that if you want to go to a popular restaurant to reserve your spot as soon as possible, you can always cancel!
Make sure you ask your partner to be if they are allergic to certain food or what they don’t like!


If you are a bit shy you can always go to the movies and just sit next to eachother during the movie, maybe get her or his hand at some point, share a look of joy and afterwards have so much to talk about! Don’t underestemate the power of movies! Walt Disney made a whole world around his movies and they are romantic as heck!


Let’s say you want to combine it all and do it all together. That is a great idea! Just make sure you plan everything accordingly so you don’t get too late at the movie theater!

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill has become kind of a thing in the last couple of years, we have learned that Netflix and chill becomes a way to have a booty call, but why would it be?
Just order a big pizza, have a lot of nice drinks at home and bring out your awesome collection of movies or start up Netflix!
Sit on the couch and start enjoying eachothers company, and who knows, maybe that first kiss will be on your comfy couch!


I would personally love to be asked out to a museum date! I have loved musea for the most part of my life and to share that with an upcomming partner would be awesome! Just make sure you don’t take him or her to a museum where a lot of kids are around, that can be a bummer on your date. But also make sure that it isn’t a snore fest!
Yes it can be hard to find the right museum, but that is where the challenge is right?


So this one is a bit trickier, you can’t just ask someone to go to a Hotel right? Well if you have been talking a lot and become a lot closer and have said the words: “I would like to spend the night with you” then it’s a perfect choice!
Just make sure you don’t get a shady back ally place, make it special! Yes it is very expensive in certain cities, but you can also have the night of your life!

Amusement Park

This is an ideal situation because you are in a place where everything is fun! It’s made to enjoy yourself, and some rides are more romantic than others! So pick your favorite Amusement Park and go. Disneyland/world can be very expensive to go there, but if you believe the person is worth it, go for it! Just do it!

To everyone who are going to ask their date out today or going on a date, good luck to you and make sure that you always have fun!

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