Are you ready to meet your Disney prince(ss)?

How do you know you are ready to find the one? Are you even ready to find your true love?

Love yourself

Once upon a time a very wise friend of mine told me: “how is someone able to love you if you dont love yourself?”

That question got me thinking so hard, I’ve been through depressions my whole life, having all the ups and downs that go with it and had build up a lot of negativity about myself. Does that sound familiar to you?

Well fear not, it is all in your head! Everyone deserves to love oneself, everyone has the potential to be the greatest person in the world! But it wont fall in your lap, you have to work for it!

I’ve been scared of taking pictures of myself because of my self image, but to change your outer image, your inner image has to improve!

Improving your inner image

So how does one improve your inner image? What I’ve done was pretty simple, make a list of all your good and awesome features. You can also ask your friends to step in and ask them why they like you! It’s just a question, so ask it!

Once you feel better about yourself, go make some new pictures, you will see that you have an improved appearance! Check out some old pictures and you will think: “I didnt look as bad as I thought!”

Post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram, the likes that you get will make you want to take more and more. It is so worth it! Maybe your future disney partner sees your pictures and likes your confidence!

Give others compliments

One way to learn how to take compliments is to give them. When they compliment you back you have to accept it. They wont give compliments at random so there is atleast some truth to their compliment. Just say thank you and move on. Give the compliment forward. This way you even make the world a better place!

Work out

I know that most people dont want to work out, but it’s so good for your self esteem! Go do some push ups, go do some sit ups! You will get looks of them liking your confidence!

Bottom line

You need to love yourself to love someone else, so start working on you! Go be the person you want to be!

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