Why is Stitch so popular?

My favorite Disney character by far is Stitch, and I’ve come to find out that I’m not the only one, by far!

Anti hero

Stitch is much like Deadpool, he doesn’t see himself as the hero of the story, and he loves to joke around, a lot! In one of my blogs I even made a comparison between them. Be sure to check it out!

Experiment 626

When he was created by Jumba he was called 626 because he has 625 “cousins” that Jumba created before he made his perfect machine of destruction. If you ever want to know more about the other experiments, Disney XD aired an amazing Lilo and Stitch show that is more than worth a watch.

He was made for destruction and that was all that he wanted to. He even tried to kill a frog with his alien blasters before getting hit by a truck and surviving.


626 is brought to an animal shelter where even the biggest and baddest dogs are afraid of him. 626 is very clever and learned from the poster that little girls love affection from their canine friends.

Disney is very clever by naming their characters. Lilo in Hawaiian means Lost. Because Lilo feels lost in this world and that is, atleast for me, a very recognizable thing. Stitch means putting something back together. So together they are called lost and back together.

Lilo understands that Stitch is also a lost soul, but he needs to learn to be a good “dog”, so with the help of a goodness meter she helps him get better and find his place in this world.

Stitch adepts easily to this because he wants to be good, he wants to be loved.

Succes story

Lilo and stitch is basically the succes story we all would love to be in. And him being the very adorable alien that he is, it’s very relatable to most.


The movie is most about Ohana.

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

I think most people can agree that we all need a little bit of Ohana in our lifes. For years and years I say Ohana to keep me on my track in life, I even had my own ohana for a couple of months but I lost it. But Lilo and Stitch taught me that eventually, if i believe enough in it even I will find my Ohana.

So in the end we all love an amazing succes story like this and we can relate to this little blue alien that is hilariously adorable!

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