What do I look for in a Disney Princess?

You probably already read a couple of things if you are reading this, but if you have no idea who I am, let me introduce myself.

I’m Robin, 32 years old (by march) and I’m a Disney Freak. I also love to write about Romantic Disney stuff!

So I’m giving advice on what you should do as a Disney adult, and how to find that one prince(ss) of your dreams. But maybe you think “what does he like himself?”

I’m a big dreamer and believer in Disney romance, and I know my princess is out there, do here goes.

My future Disney princess would have the biggest chance with me if she is talented, I find talent in a girl sexy and especially if a girl can sing it will melt my heart.

Let her be kind and caring. I’ve had a couple of really bad exes in my time as a musician and I think I deserve better.

She has to be headstrong, I’m a stubborn bastard, and you’d think that two stubborn people wont work, but it really does for me.

She needs to know what she wants and needs the drive to get what she wants. Combining powers as a Disney power couple can make any dream possible.

I dont mind if she has a kid from a previous relationship. I’m a kickass stepdad type! Raising my nephew for the first few years of his life has made me into an awesome dad figure that I am today!

I do believe in true love, but I’m not the kind of person who dates a thousand girls to see if shes out there. If we learn one thing from Disney it’s that you have to wish upon a star and work hard!

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