Being a Single Disney Fan

We, the Disney fans, grew up with amazing adventures of amazement and romance, but they don’t really show stories about the einzelganger, the single one.

So how does one get about being a fan of Disney and being single? Let’s discover that together, as a new adventure!

Although our niche is a romantic one, it doesn’t mean that we need to feel like we are left out at all.
Take a look at Elsa! She is a very independent Disney Princess, or actually Queen now! She doesn’t need a love interest of her own, unlike her sister Anna. She just needs to figure things out on her own and with that accidentally start an eternal winter.
But this teaches us, we don’t need to have a lover interest or have to slave ourselfs over finding that true one!
If Disney ever taught us one thing, that is that we will find our special person, but it will be in time, when we are ready for it.

So does that mean that you have to wait untill that happens?
Defenitely not!

Watching Movies

One of my favorite things of Disney is watching the movies over and over again, I think I’ve seen most atleast 5 times and the ones from my childhood atleast 20.
When you watch a movie you don’t do it because you want to talk trough the movie do you? You do it to get sucked into a new world, a world that you want to be in.
So next time an awesome Disney movie comes out, just go to the movie theater and have some solo fun!

House decorating

The Disney brand has some amazing house decorating options, for every wallet and every person. And being single means you can get whatever silly thing you would like! Why not go all out and go for an awesome Disney man cave?
Want that Iron Man armor? Why not? Who is saying you can’t? Oh…ofcourse your wallet! But the thing is, you can do whatever you want, nobody is judging you!

Disney Resorts

One of my fondest memories of the last decade is actually when I was traveling to Disneyland Paris and I got to stay in my favorite Disney Hotel. Just me and my backpack. You often actually get special care when they notice that you are alone. When I was checking in they made sure that I had a Dutch speaking castmember so I’d feel right at home. They really didn’t have to, but they did. It’s the Disney Magic!
When I entered the room the television was already on and displayed this message:


it made me feel right at home, because it really felt I wasn’t alone.
So traveling to Disney alone will be an awesome trip, but make sure you check out my solo trip advice!

Still want to find that special person in your life to share everything with? Ofcourse! But don’t get yourself mad searching for that person. Enjoy the ride and enjoy Solo Disney!

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