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Romantic Fantasyland


One of the most romantic places in Disneyland is Fantasyland, but why is that? Why are the tales of old so romantic to us? Let’s find out!

When Disney started out the Walt Disney Company he created his own creation, Mickey Mouse. A little animated mouse that went on crazy adventures that made people laugh for generations to come. But Walt Disney wanted more than laughs, he wanted to tell the stories from his point of view.

Golden Age of Disney

In 1937 the Golden Age of Disney started, 9 years after Mickey Mouse had his debut. And the first movie in the Golden Age was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was the phenomenal success that Disney needed to get his company to grow to the size we know it right now. Never before there was a movie like this produced, a full length multicolor movie with sound on the big screen.

Snow White is set in early Medieval Germany just like the style of Fantasyland. You can see it in all the designs that have been put into Fantasyland. In the same Golden Age Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia and Bambi gotten their big screen releases. Although these movies are not quite the same medieval setting (with Pinocchio around the same time) it still fits like a glove! Just take Sorcerer Mickey in Fantasia for example. It’s hard to really set a timeframe on that movie.

But all these movies have something in common, they were made to revolutionise how we saw the stories of old and experience them in a brand new way. Because if you can read it or see it, why not live it?
When you walk there with your SO or your girlfriend, or maybe even a date! You both will wonder back into the time of old, a time when you both were kids and anything was possible.
The rides are an amazing masterpiece on top of all the excitement. They tell you the stories in matter of minutes. It starts all good with everything beautiful, funny, pretty and then the dispair hits, because every story has a low point!
But Walt Disney wanted every ride to have a good ending. When you walk away from an attraction or a movie, you need to walk away satisfied. So whenever you complain about a feel good movie not ending realisticly, blame it on Walt Disney. I love how he thought about needing a good ending. Maybe not just an happily ever after, but resolvement is important.

The movie Saving Mister Banks has a brilliant bit where Walt Disney brings Miss Travers onto the merry-go-round and she has flashbacks to when she was a kid.
This is the whole idea of Fantasyland, go back to your childhood. But for couples this is perfect because it will bring you back to your childhood, but with the person you love the most!

Next time when you are in Fantasyland, check out all the little details, and make sure you give your SO a kiss infront of the castle to make it even more romantic!