Why is Mainstreet U.S.A. so romantic?

When Disneyland opened on Juli 17th 1955 Walt Disney wanted to show his audience his romantic view of his old hometown. And what a romantic view it is! But why do we see it as one of the most romantic places in the world? Why is a shopping street so iconic?

Let’s take a look at Main street U.S.A

Main street U.S.A. is a shopping street from around the 1900’s and it feels like time has actually stopped right in its tracks. You are welcomed with old timey music that is so upbeat and so happy that there is no reason in the world why you wouldn’t be happy. Every single window, every single door has a purpose. Even the smell has purpose!

Fun Fact: All the names on the windows on Main street are from the imagineers who worked tirelessly on Main Street U.S.A., so next time be sure to look up at the windows!

Most of the time, you can see castmembers operate old vehicles that could have been from our great grandparents. If you are lucky enough you can even ride them yourself!
Walk around and pay close attention and you will hear the habitants of Main Street U.S.A do their daily routine. From a dentist working on a poor patient with some old time drills to dance lessons by a prima donna, the imagineers made sure that you will feel like you actually walk in an American shopping street from the year 1900.

So why does this make this one of the most romantic places on earth?

Main Street U.S.A. has everything you want for the perfect date, it has shops with merchandise you can only dream of. It has candy shops with the smell that you can only describe as: “when I was a child”. It even hosts an icecream shop! Even if you want to get lunch or dinner, you can be at Main Street U.S.A., you can even get your haircut at Dapper Dan.

So combine all this together and you get a mixture of amazing romance!
And as a bonus, when you look down Main Street U.S.A. you see a beautiful castle!

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