A Disney Resort Date

So you have dived down in the dating pool, found yourself a Disney princess and you want to take her to the most magical and romantic place on earth? Look no further and let me give you some ideas.

Disney resorts are easily the most romantic places of Disney. It’s a place to relax, to wind down from a long day of thrills and excitement. To sleep in your comfy hotel room and wake up early to do it all over again the next day.

My favorite Disney hotel that I have stayed at is Seqouia Lodge. A smaller version of the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World, but still captures the same romance. From the Seqouia smell to the smell of a fireplace, this is in my opinion the most romantic hotel in the Disneyland Paris resort.

But why is it so romantic you ask?

Well when you come in the hotel to check in, you see immediately that you are transported to a new world, something we Dutch people lack, nature! The moment you walk up to your room you feel that you are on vacation. Sure it’s a massive hotel, but the decorations make it feel cozy.

How to plan the date?

So you are ready to go plan your date! Great! Ask yourself some questions first.

  1. How serious are you together?
  2. Is he or she a romantic person?
  3. What kind of food does he or she like or dislike?

The reason I ask how serious you are together is because if you plan this huge dinner with all the romantic stuff Walt Disney could only dream of, he or she might get overwhelmed. Disney is already an overwhelming place to begin with and if you put too much pressure onto it, you might give the wrong impression.

There are so many restaurants to choose from. And dont worry you dont need to stay at an hotel to use their restaurants!

Because of all the restaurants there is one important thing. Location, location and location. Some of the most expensive places to eat is at the character dining. Sure it’s an amazing experience, but you also pay double the fee of a normal dinner. If you dont want to dine with screaming kids all around then character dining might be the really wrong place for you.

Go on the Disney websites and find your partners possible favorite place to eat. Do serious research, there’s a lot to know!

Romantic people

So if your partner doesn’t feel good around romance then make sure you plan accordingly, make sure he or she feels good. You always may push some boundries but stay respectful. You are taking him or her on a date, make it appropriately special!

Food choices

With so many restaurants there are so many choices of specialty food! No Disney isn’t about hamburgers and hotdogs, although they do make great burgers, Disney specializes in amazing food if you are willing to pay the price.

Disney is not cheap with food, but the quality is pretty darn good!

So get out there on the interweb and search for your special date night! Let the magic do what Disney magic does best! Make dreams come true.

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