How to approach your Disney Prince(ss)

Like many, I find dating new people really hard. You have to get to know them, you need to learn a whole lot of new stuff, and it is stepping out of your comfort zone. All the stress of all the firsts isn’t helping either. But let me tell you, it is very much worth it!

So you have found your Disney Prince(ss) that you want to date? Awesome!
You are all excited aren’t you? Ok, hold your horses, take two steps back and take a look at the situation!

It’s really tempting to overwhelm your future partner to be, because you are excited as a puppy in love! But it’s easy for a Disney fan to be too excited!
When you talk about your favorite subject in the world make sure you ask what they like about Disney, who their favorite character is, and maybe if they ever visited one of the many resorts!

Don’t be like me and start planning all your Disney trips in advance, I’ve learned a lot from that. I mean it is incredibly fun to plan all the future trips, but how new is the relationship? Have you gone past the 3 month mark?

So my advice:

  • Do a very fun Disney Movie Marathon!
  • Get some romantic dinners going and make every dinner a new Disney theme.
  • Love to sing? Practise a lot of songs together so you can get into an old-fashioned Disney song while doing something together!
  • Be creative together, maybe make some fun shirts to wear like a goofy couple that you are! (pun very much intended!)
  • Question your partner to be about their interests but don’t go all out right away.
  • If you do want to talk about future trips make sure that everything is an open idea. Don’t set anything in motion just yet.
  • Have some amazing fun together, afterall dating is like being with a best friend only you are way more intimate.

So like I just said, go have fun, don’t over think and don’t over plan! You can do this!

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