Finding love at a Disney Resort

So this is something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. How does one go and find love at a Disney Resort?

Let’s say that you are at a Disney Resort for a couple of days and you think: “man, that girl/guy is incredibly cute!”. Here is the hardest part, most people that stay at a Disney Resort are with their family. But on the other hand a lot of friends do trips to Disney aswel!

First of, don’t expect too much right out of the gate, Disney is not known as a dating playground. But does that mean that there isn’t a possiblity at all?
Nowadays a lot of people do solo trips or with their friends. Especialy in Disneyland Paris I’ve seen a lot of girls on girls trips. Just friends who want an awesome time!
But what would be the place to find your maybe future partner in crime?


There’s a lot of night life in Disney, even so much that they build a whole shopping street near all the resorts! In Disneyland Paris you have Disney Village. It has countles of restaurants and bars that are open until the late hours of the day. When Disney closes the village begins!

So you have picked your favorite bar and you have put on your outfit that gives you the most confidence, what are you supposed to do?
Easy, just enjoy yourself! If it seems that you are having a good time then others will believe that you are worth their time. Sit at the bar with a glass of whiskey in your hands looking like you just lost your parents, yeah that won’t give you much!
But are you talking to people around you, having a smile on your face and just enjoying yourself will get you succes.

In my time as a musician I often went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam to do just this. I started the night with one thought: “I will make this night legendary”, if you keep that in mind, then anything is possible. Be open for anything and anything might happen!

Just be respectful, if someone doesn’t show any interest, then just move on, maybe go to a different bar. Talking to the bartenders is also a great way to break the oh so difficult ice.


It might seem weird to meet someone at an hotel, but to be honest, why not? A lot of solo travelers will be sitting in the lounge areas, reading a book, writing for their blog, watching something on their phone, or just sitting there and enjoying the enviorement.
Mind you, that this is a more closed enviroment than a bar, and people don’t expect to have something happen there. But if you see someone you like, just strike up a conversation, worst case scenario you actually have a nice conversation or they just say: “I’m not interested, sorry”


Disney holds a lot of events during the year, from dance parties to Fan Days to special evenings. Most of the time only real Disney fans go there, sometimes it’s more open when famous DJ’s play at the parks but mostly it’s Disney fans.

Every year Disney has a special LBQT nights every year to celibrate that everyone is accepted at Disney and they especialy want to celibrate the LBQT fans for their awesomeness of being themselfs! There’s a very big party every year for this group and a lot of friends go there together, so finding someone there is a lot easier, but it isn’t a garantee.


As you can see, there’s a lot of ways to find someone special at Disney Resorts, you shouldn’t expect it to happen. Just be respectfull, and most importantly, be really confident! Go out there and find your special one! You can do it!

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