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Solo Disney Cruise

One of the trips I have constantly been checking up if it’s possible solo is a Disney Cruise. I’ve been on a couple of cruises with my parents when I was a teenager and I have to say that I have the Cruise bug. But a Disney cruise is from a whole other level! But as many would ask: “Why would you go on a solo cruise?”
Well, let’s find out!

What is a cruise?

A cruise is basically a 5 star hotel on the sea. You have your hotel room, multiple restaurants, multiple bars, at least one movie theater and on most big cruises a broadway style theater. Most cruise ships are so big that you don’t even have the feeling of being on the water. I’ve only had one moment when the sea was rough that I could feel the boat rock when I was in bed, but it was so minor that you could dismiss it as being a tiny bit tipsy (wasn’t allowed to drink back then on international waters, so I wasn’t drunk!)

Pro’s of a cruise:

Cons of a cruise:

Costs of a cruise

Because cruises are playgrounds for adults on the sea they are pretty expensive! Especially when you travel alone. Because you are solo you are taking a spot of another traveler, so you always pay at least 1.5 times the price to double the price.

Cruises range from 3 nights to even 2 weeks, with the 3 nights being smaller ships and the 2 weeks being gigantic in size. But the longer the trip the more expensive it will get!
So look really deep in your wallet first before you decide to go on a cruise

Difference with a Disney Cruise

Why would you go on a Disney Cruise if other cruises are less expensive? Because let’s be fair, Disney is a very expensive addiction to have.

If you love the meet and greets at the parks with all the characters, you will fall even more in love with the characters on the cruises. They will be strolling around, or be at their designated spots, but mostly you will have no wait line and you don’t need a reservation.

The theming of the Disney ships are absolutely amazing! Every restaurant has a very well made theme to it, and all the decorations troughout the ship are very much Disney! They even have kids clubs where you would wish that you were a kid again! So not fair that my Peter Pan complex doesn’t count!

A hotel room on a cruise is called a Stateroom, and most people know that a lot of those staterooms are under water, it sounds scary, but you won’t even know you are under water.
Disney made sure that you always have a nice view of outside by making windows with a television screen in it! And every once in a while a Disney character will swoop by the window to make it even more fun!

A lot of people I’ve heard talking about it say that it’s the perfect way of spending their hard earned cash on their vacation. Especially with the family. But we are talking about a solo trip!

Sailing Solo

Like I mentioned earlier, Solo Cruise trips are expensive, but are they too expensive to consider it?

Think of it like this, when you book a hotel room, you always pay the whole fine, never just a bit because you are alone. So that’s the same with a Cruise, yes you also pay for the food, but that was all inclusive anyway.

Would you get bored?

If you can get bored on a Disney Cruise or any other Cruise, then you might be the most boring person on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, not every waking moment will be exciting and you might feel lonely at moments. Open yourself up to others!

Cruises make it really easy to connect with others, they, afterall, want you to have the trip of a lifetime so that you will come back. So make use of everything they offer that is appealing to you and you will have the grandest time ever!

Will you get lonely?

I can’t garentee anything, but you might get as lonely on a cruise as you might get lonely on a solo trip anywhere else.
Here’s a tip! Get your social media action going! It’s not weird to have your phone out and make pictures of yourself or the beautiful vista’s you will see all around. Get yourself on the Ships wifi and connect with others.
Disney Cruises have a special app that let you communicate with others, so when you go eat with other single cruisers and you actually like them, swap out information so you can do stuff together, or if you need some company ask them if they want to hang out.
No reason to be lonely.


Is a Disney Cruise trip worth it?

If you have the money to spend, you will have the grandest trip of a lifetime! There’s so much to do! So book one now! (or when you actually can get a couple of grand by saving up every month like every normal person.)