Disneyland paris vs Disney world

This is a question a lot of Europeans have. Should i go cheaper and go to Disneyland Paris or go all the way and go to Orlando for Disney World?

Well its comparing a mosquito to a giant, because as we all know, Disneyland Paris resort is pretty small. Small does have benefits though.

Onsite stay

If you stay onsite at DLP (Disneyland Paris) you can walk everywhere, even between the parks. But if you go to WDW (Walt Disney World) you will have lots of traveling.


DLP only has 2 parks, the magic kingdom style park and Walt Disney Studios. WDW has 4 parks and is about the size of the city of Los Angelos.

Dont underestimate DLP. The main park is the biggest Disneyland there is in size, it has just less attractions.


WDW is packed with attractions everywhere! Even Epcot has a lot of attractions in a small space.

But DLP has less attractions but more attention to detail. In my opinion DLP is far more romantic due to the details.


DLP doesn’t have a lot of onsite hotels, and even offsite there aren’t too many to be honest.

WDW has a mass of hotels everywhere! Onsite is not cheap, but the FREE transportation makes up for a lot! Disney made sure that there are options for everyone’s wallet size.

Things to do outside the parks

WDW has DLP beat here for sure. Every resort has lots to do on its own, and they encourage you to do some resort hopping. But DLP is way more European, you have your expensive hotel room, some basic shops and excellent restaurants. You dont need more in Europe. But in my opinion you do need it at Disney.

So in this short introduction between WDW and DLP, WDW wins for sure. But there is more to be discussed so be sure to follow my blogs!

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