10 questions about me

I thought I’d do a bit of a Q&A about me if you guys are interested!

1. Who are you?

Well, I’m Robin Versloot. Born and raised in Amsterdam The Netherlands. 32 years old on March 18th 2019. I work at McDonalds and want to become a full time blogger.

2.Why blogging?

I’ve always loved writing, I always loved teaching. So for me to choose this as my hopefully new career was kind of obvious.

3.Why a Disney Blog?

I grew up with Disney because of my parents and it’s been my life for 32 years now. But I didnt see me, the single and solo traveler, in all the websites I could find, but I know that there are millions like me!

4. What have you done before this?

I’ve been a semi professional musician for over 10 years. I’ve been an actor. But those professions never let me be just me. So a couple of years ago I decided to throw away all ties to that and be me for once. I still love singing though!

5. What will your future bring?

I hope a nice family, a lot of trips to Disney would be amazing aswel! But overall I want to be my own boss and make the world a magical place with my writing.

6. What do your family and friends think?

They’ve always known I’m a weird one, and they love me for it. My mom is very supportive with me and she is the reason I could start this blog!

My friends like that I’m doing what I love, although they do still think I’m weird, but that’s ok!

7. You’re single, why do you write about Disney Romance?

I’ve always been a romantic person, and in my last relationship i went full in Disney romance. So for me it feels natural and i want to help others with ideas!

8.Will you ever make music again?

I hope one day to have a Disney cover band! That would be so awesome!

9. Who are your idols?

I’ve got a couple, Walt Disney for sure! He created a universe and we are still enjoying it 90 years later!

Stan Lee is also an inspiration, his writing makes my head go all sorts of places, his motivational speeches were great too!

Kevin Smith. A geeky kid from New Jersey who made it! I love that man to death!

10.How can people reach you?

Go to the Facebook page of wish upon a star or leave me a message here!

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