Getting Fit With Disney

You have your Disney vacation booked and you want to look fantastic? Or do you want to feel better in life?

Well both are what I want to accomplish!

For the biggest part of the last decade I’ve been feeling depressed, not worth anything and overall not the best I should have felt. If this sounds familiar, there is no shame in feeling that, then please keep reading.

Feeling better about yourself

We see models everyday and everywhere, making us feel bad about our life choices. We see comfort food everywhere, just a swipe away from buying all the chocolate!

But that only makes you feel good temporarily. After some time you crave more and more. That is a habit you have to get rid of. You dont need sugar to feel better about yourself, it’s a false positive you are feeling. Go eat a banana everyday, eat an apple, you will feel better.

You need to believe that you are worth it. Say to yourself: “I am worth so much more!” Keep repeating it, believe it!

Body types

I’ve always learned that healthy people are thin, they have abs, they can fit a medium shirt.

That is the biggest bullshit you will ever learn!

This picture illustrates the 3 types of bodies on men, it also counts for woman. I know we always envy where the grass is greener. But others do that too!

Personally I’m the guy on the right. I wont ever have a 6 pack, but my stomach can be super hard, my arms will be bulky and my neck can become a real bull neck. I am build for power, not speed. Every body type has their own benefits.


So how does one go with a diet? I have to put a disclaimer here, I’m not an expert with diets. I have however always done semi professional sports in my teens.

Cut out all the sugar that is not needed. Cut out all the fast food. It might be cheap, but you are an heart attack away from being so unhealthy you’ll hate yourself. I work at McDonalds, I see these people every single day.

Start eating salads. There are amazing salad meals with chicken available that will fill you up so much longer than a fast food meal does. And it tastes incredibly good! I’ve been eating them 5 times a week for over 2 months now and people have been complimenting me like crazy.

Start working out!

I know it’s not fun to work yourself a sweat, but you need it. Moreover your body needs it!

Personally i do 4 sets of 12 pushups and 4 sets of 25 situps with a minute or 2 between them. This was my old routine from when I was training to join the army as a basic training everyday.

I also walk a lot! I mostly get 12000 steps a day. When I was fat my feet would hurt everytime I’d stand up. I couldn’t walk properly anymore. Now months later I can walk for hours again!

Achievable goals

Set yourself some goals. Make it realistic though. You wont get Chris Evan’s body by doing not a lot. But you can achieve a pool worthy body!

Do it for yourself, for your partner, anything that helps you achieve your goal. Get motivated!

You can do this, you are worth it!

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