Is Disney World Worth It As A European?

I think many Europeans have asked themselves if they should take a trip to the most magical place in the world. I know that I have. But it is very expensive, and with very expensive I mean you need to sell a kidney for the VIP feel. But there’s so much more to it!

In the last two years I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice, and I’ve visited it each 5 days at a time. It was a very good and pleasant experience, but you want more as an adult Disney fan.
Every year you think: “Where should I go on holiday this year?”, and Florida is the other side of the world, but the Mouse keeps pulling you in, because why not go there to get the best experience ever?

For more than a decade plane tickets were skyrocketing, paying as much as 1200 euro’s for a trip to the US. That’s nearly 1500 dollars! That would mean that if you stay at a value resort you pay double the price, just because you need to fly there!
Now a decade later the prices of flights are way down, and I even found tickets for 404 euro’s to Orlando in early December. Those are prices to talk about!

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 12.27.16 PM.png

So now is the time to go there! So let’s say you want to go now, where would you stay?

If you are like me, you do not have a driver’s license. The costs of a drivers license and a car are more expensive than my monthly train costs, and trains go everywhere! So being in a country where every teenager has a car because it’s needed is challenging.
But Walt Disney World has you covered!

Transportation from the airport

When you fly in, you are still many miles from the World you want to be at! But Disney has something called The Magical Express.


A free shuttle service, from and to the airport and the hotels! Have I mentioned it is free? In Disneyland Paris you have a similar deal but you pay 25! Euro’s a trip, so a round trip is a whooping 50 euro’s! So no need for a car, or a very expensive taxi!

Even at the value resorts you can get busses that go to every park there is, you can even go to the Ticket and Transportation center and get a monorail to where you want to go, or even a boat!
But it can be expensive to vacation in the Disney Bubble, is it worth it thought? Yes, especially if you are traveling alone, the Disney Bubble can feel like a new home!
You can make it as expensive as you want, but make sure you keep your wallet close to you, being there is also expensive with all the food and merchandise!

Why not go to Disneyland Paris?

I mean it’s another Disney resort right? Well once you’ve been to the World, you never want to go back to DLP (Disneyland Paris). It’s way smaller than Disney World and the hotels are lackluster in comparison. Also, 4 parks! 4 huge parks! Walt Disney Studios is a slap in the face of Hollywood Studios! (Formerly known as MGM)

The hotels alt DLP are smaller and feel much older for almost the same price.


So is it worth it to go to Disney World as an European? In my opinion, yes!
Sure it is a lot of money, but let’s be real, do you want to spend the same money in a lesser resort? especially with the refurbishment going on, it will get more expensive every month because crowds are way up!

Give yourself the holiday that you deserve and save up for a year! Just do it! I know I am!

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