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Solo Traveling: When To Go?


So you have decided to take on the biggest trip of your life for the first time, or maybe for the 5th time. It will always be a very special occasion, because nothing is more thrilling than to conquer the world all alone.

But when will you go?

That is an excelent question! There are so many answers you can give, but let’s say that you are not tied down with Summer vacations or school holidays.
Well with that alone you have saved yourself a ton of money! Holidays and Summer vacations are really crowded, and more over, very expensive!

Go in the low season, when the schools are just starting up, or the winter is also a great time to go. It’s very inexpensive during the winter because a lot of people want a vacation when it’s hot outside. But there’s the magic of places like Florida, it is always nice! Sure it can be also cold in the winter, but if you are from Northern Europe, you can still have a great vacation.

If you go to a place like France in mid January, it can be really cold! I mean freezing your butt off cold. During the early magic hours the special character meetups where cancelled because it was just too cold! But if you are smart, dress up warm, go into every store to warm up. It is very doable!

Early September is also a great time to go, it is still warm enough to enjoy yourself fully, you can take a swim when you want to. Heck the evenings are just as nice!
The only problem with Florida is that it’s also hurricane season, but if you are lucky enough you won’t even notice a spot of rain during your trip!


To save up a lot of money because you are by yourself and are not tied down to holidays. Go during the offseasons.

It will be less crowded, but it will still be enjoyable! So go plan your stay!