Solo Traveling: Where to stay?

So you decided when it is the best time to go? Great! Now for the next question. Where will you stay and at what resort?

I will use examples from what I am researching right now which is Walt Disney World.

There’s so much to pick from, the one place is more expensive than the other, and your wallet is the only indication you can get for what you can spend.

It is true that when you travel solo you can afford more luxury. But think about it, do you really need luxury? Will you need that very expensive hotel with all that fantastic themeing? Who am I kidding, of course you do! But does your wallet alow you to?

Because this will be my first Solo trip to the most Magical place on earth I will be staying at an All Star hotel or at Pop Century. Those are called Value hotels.
Which means that they are less expensive, less luxury, but still very good Disney hotels!

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With these hotels you get the basics, you get your hotel room with services, you get the essentials at the pools, you get entertainment, restaurants and everything you need to get a perfect Disney vacation!

Still want a more luxurious vacation? Go right ahead! But be sure that you don’t overpay! If you are at the parks all the time and only at your hotel to sleep then more expensive might be a waste of money.
Don’t think of the hotels as just hotels, they are resorts! You can do so much around them, don’t let it fool you!

So be sure to think twice about where to stay, but don’t let your dreams get crushed when you cannot go to that beautiful hotel. Every resort has something special!


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