Solo Traveling: Air Travel

Air travel is back from being very expensive to affordable. In the economic depression this last 10 years airplane tickets have fluctuated from selling a kidney to being impulsive again and affordable for everyone. Is it still worth to travel by airplane?


If you look back 10 years ago a plane ticket from Amsterdam to Orlando was around 1200 euro’s. That is a lot of money! Companies tried to gather more money after the tragic 9/11 attack but by doing it the way they did, air travel wasn’t the best and cheapest option anymore.

Now with the more price fighter way of doing business, we turn in a lot of the luxury, but we can travel by air again without first selling a kidney.
Sure with some flights you have to pay extra to be able to take luggage with you, or maybe inflight meals are not included in the price anymore. But the longer flights still all have this, but went cheaper in price to fill up their aircraft. Because if you cannot fill up your flights you are losing money on the empty seats!

Pro’s of air travel

What are the pro’s of air travel? Why should you use your hard-earned money on a seat that is often less than comfortable?

  • Longer distances

Sure, you can travel by train or by bus, but going across the ocean to the US from Europe will need something better than land transport. I hear you thinking, there is no other way right? Well, you can go by boat and go the Titanic way. No not the sinking part, I mean going from Europe to the United States by boat. It will take you at least a week and it is expensive as all heck. So before you want to get painted like one of your french girls, or feel like you are king of the world. Check out the rates of airplanes, per mile traveled you will be much cheaper than any other transportation in long distances.

  • Dollar per mile

I’m not a math genius, but if you look at a plane ticket from Amsterdam Airport to Orlando Florida, you can see that the prices are way down from before. Like I said earlier, 10 years ago a ticket was 1200 euro’s. I’ve seen tickets that are down to 350 euro’s. That is almost a 75% discount! Your dream vacation location is much more in reach now!

  • Hassel free traveling

Ok, this one depends on how you are yourself. If you stress often, the airport is a place to get your worst stress. Many mental breakdowns happen in airports and sometimes you see the worst in people. Believe me, I see it everyday at my work at McDonald’s. Many would say that cheaper flights attract more nasty people, but that is not true.

But all in all, the airport is designed that you won’t have long waiting times (unless you travel in the summer) and that you can go from the security check to the gate in no time.

The airline itself wants you to have the best time in your life, because if you are happy then you will fly with them again. A happy costumer is a returning costumer. Just make sure you arrive in time! Running at an airport is never a good idea!

  • Entertainment

When I was a kid, we’re talking more than 17 years ago, you didn’t have a multimedia system in your seat. You could listen to the radio with a stethoscope like earplug system that you could only buy from that airline. The quality was so bad that it wasn’t worth the 5 bucks you’d spend on it.
The only way you could listen to the movie projected on the screen 20 rows in front of you was to have those stethoscope earplugs, or you could just watch it without hearing anything.
I even remember bringing my old school brick gameboy with me, and even a portable DVD player, I am so happy those times are over!

Now you have a perfect Netflix like system where you can select the movies or shows you want to watch, right in front of you! Sometimes the flights have movies that still have to come out or are still in the movie theater!
So if you are like me and you can’t sleep on an airplane, this is a perfect way of spending your 10 hours flying to the most magical place on earth!

Cons of Air travel

When there are pro’s there will be cons. That is a fact of life, but remember without bad there is no good.

  • Delays

Nobody likes delays, but airliners have reasons to have delays. Do you really want to be 30.000 meters in the air when the airline knows there’s something wrong? Do you really want to take off when there’s a storm going on? They don’t do it to tease you, they do it to make sure you get to your destination safely.

  • Transfers

Having flown 8 hours and having to wait 5 hours for your next flight isn’t fun. If you are unlucky enough it will be during the night and nothing will be open. So make sure you plan your transfers perfectly! Suitcases do get lost during transfers, but it is about as much as when you fly directly. Mostly your suitcase will be there on the next flight out, which is a hassle, but be glad that you know where it is.

Transfer flights are not always cheaper than direct flights, but direct flights aren’t always possible, so just be prepared to be stuck at an airport for a while if you want to fly cheap.

  • Other passengers

although many people fly nowadays, it does seem that a lot of people forget how to be human when they go on an airplane. We often joke that at security people’s brains get sucked out of their head based on how they act.

Let me tell you my horror story from more than 10 years ago.

I was flying with my mom and dad, my dad was a heavy-set man and he was sitting behind another heavy-set man, who thought it was appropriate to put his seat back down completely. When we called the stewardess she said she couldn’t do anything but suggest my father to also recline his chair. But being the stubborn Dutch as we are, we don’t want to give other people inconvenience. So you are thinking now, that’s not so bad right? Well it didn’t stop there!

They were absolutely loud and rude to the stewardesses and their kid was screaming the whole time. If this was a flight of an hour you can soldier right trough it, but this was a 9 hour flight! And on top of that we began to smell something weird, like someone was farting the whole time or just pooped their pants.

After the 9 hour flight we were free from the hell that was that flight, we started to walk out the airplane when we noticed their seats. There were between 6 and 9 used diapers on the floor! They thought it was a good idea to clean their kid and dispose of the diapers at their feet!

But to be honest that was the only time I ever had a bad experience with any other passenger, but we all know the influx of stories from horror flights!


Air travel is a perfect way to get from A to B for a good price, so when planning your solo trip be sure to check out your international airport for the best trips possible!



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