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When deciding what kind of trip you want to do, Airplane Tickets is always something to consider. Where to buy them and where to get them cheap. But is cheap always the best option? Let’s find out!


If you have ever checked for cheap airplane tickets, you probably have found (or whatever your country’s . something is). Is to be trusted, I mean the name is kind of sketchy.

Personally I’ve had many airplane tickets from this website and I have never had any problems with this website. However I have found that they do a tiny nasty trick whenever you visit. First time you search for tickets you find the cheapest tickets you can find, and the next day they will be gone and the prices are slightly up.
You might say I’m just paranoid, but there is truth to the myth. You can read more about it on this very informative article.

Just know that the price you are seeing might not be the entire price, taxes might be still be applied, your luggage might get a fee.

But one thing is for certain, it does give you the cheapest deals!

Airline websites

You can also check on airline webites themselfs. But they might not be the cheapest you can get, but if you don’t trust discount websites then these are the most reliable you can get. Sometimes they do have amazing offers that you can only get trough their website.

Be sure you check reguarly, especialy early in the year for the best rates or check in just before you want to travel, sometimes they have great last minute deals.

How to get the best deals?

Like I’ve said before, make sure you don’t get trapped in the recurring search scam, but how can you make sure you get the right deals?

  • Multiple browsers

Use multiple browsers (not just windows) to be more anonymous to the website.

  • Incognito mode

Incognito mode is perfect for when you don’t want it to be tracked or saved on your pc. It’s not just for some special adult websites most people like to traverse on, it is also perfect to get the best deals!

Incognito mode in Chrome

Incognito Mode Mac

Incognito mode Linux (Chromium)



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