Solo Trip: Pre-Planning Checklist

One of the most important things is getting your trip to be amazing is to be ready for anything, because anything can happen and will happen.

“What can go wrong will go wrong” – Murphy’s law

So let’s go over a checklist together.


When traveling your luggage is really important, how long will you go and where will you go? Are you traveling light? Or do you need a lot space for when you go back because of all the things you want to buy?

  • Light trip:

If you go on a light trip then make sure you don’t bring too much with you, just the necessities. Let’s say you are going for just 2 days and one night in a hotel. Do you really need a suitcase? No you don’t!

Just pack a very sturdy backpack with another pair of underwear, your toiletry, passport/ID and some entertainment.
You’ll feel a lot more free with just a backpack, although it might be packed to the rim. But hauling a suitcase for just a 2 day trip can be more a hassle than it is worth.

Nowadays all your tickets can be stored on your smart phone, so make sure you use that on a light trip. But technology might fail or you run out of battery, so make sure you have a power bank packed into your backpack.

  • Medium trip:

So you need some extra clothing, maybe you are planning on taking a lot of awesome Disney souvenirs with you. Make sure you pack smart, and make sure you make use of every inch of your suitcase.

Cabin ready suitcases are awesome and mobile for any medium trip. They are easy to handle trough any airport or urban area. I use it a lot while traveling trough my country by train and it is truly hassle free traveling while having everything with you that you need.

If you fear you might need more space you can always take an overnight bag with you, they are easily collapsible in your cabin ready suitcase so you only might need it at the end of your trip. And if you don’t need it at all then it’s just a bit of space used and not a whole another suitcase.
Also most price fighting airliners ask a lot of money for extra luggage, so make sure you know you might need the extra space so you might have to pay more money in the end.

  • Heavy Trip

So you are going 2 weeks to Disney World, I am so jealous! But you will need a lot of clothes and other necessities with you to be gone from home for 2 weeks. You also will buy a lot of gifts for yourself and the people around you, because come on, you are at Disney after all!

So take my previous collapsible bag advice and just take it with you, you will thank me later!

Big suitcases are what their name suggest, big. So make sure you don’t overdo yourself with the weight and make sure you don’t take more than 2 suitcases if you are on your own. Don’t forget that you will be traveling alone and you need to be mobile even more than with others.

What to pack?

You need clothing of course, but let me give you a bit of advice if you are going shopping anyway. Take clothes with you that you are tired of and might trow away in less than a year anyway. So pack your shirts from 5 years ago that are still decent and when you wore them on your trip, trow them away.
You will have so much more room in your luggage when you go back and you will have all new clothes from all the shopping anyway!

  • Rain Clothing

Even in Florida it can rain daily, although the rain storms are not that long in Florida. But if you get caught in a bigger rain storm you might get really wet. So be sure to pack some rain gear for when it will rain a whole day, or pack some extra clothes that you can take into the parks. If you buy a rain poncho in the parks then you pay a fortune for just a mickey imprint.

  • Socks

Socks! Don’t underestimate the importance of socks. You wear them all day long and more importantly you walk on them all day. So pack enough socks for when your socks do get wet. Nobody likes walking on wet socks.

  • Shoes

Make sure you pack comfortable shoes that you can walk on every day and all day. You walk around 20 thousand steps per day while being in a Disney Park. So comfortable shoes are really important.
And don’t be like me and pack new shoes that still has to be walked in, because your feet will be hurting so much!

  • Pants

Make sure you have some comfortable but good fitting pants. Don’t wear yoga pants or sweat pants. Have some dignity! But having a good pair of pants can be the difference between feeling comfortable or feeling insecure, and being insecure on your solo trip is a big no-no!

  • Sunglasses/Baseball caps

Sunglasses are really important if you are walking in the sun all day, but a good alternative in my opinion is a good baseball cap. Just don’t look directly in the sun, vitamin D is important, but your eyes don’t need to burn!

  • Swim suit

You might never know if you are ever in the mood to swim, maybe you won’t even swim at all. But being able to swim on your trip can be a big help in feeling relaxed and comfortable, and a swim suit doesn’t take any more space than underwear.

  • Comfortable evening clothes

Bring some relaxing evening clothes with you so you can relax on your Disney bed like a King! Maybe bring even a sweater if you think you might feel cold, or maybe you feel really comfortable wearing your favorite sweater.

  • Toiletry

It’s really important to bring a toothbrush and all that with you so let me give you a list!

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Comb
  5. hair ties/pins
  6. Deodorant
  7. Shampoo/Conditioner
  8. Sunscreen (if you go to Florida)
  9. Make Up
  10. Female monthly problem items
  11. Extra contacts
  12. Shaving products
  13. Travel Towel

What not to pack in your suitcase

When you are traveling by air, make sure you do not pack certain items in your suitcase, just in case you lose your suitcase for a couple of days while traveling. See this as your emergency package.

  • Wallet with your money
  • Passport/ID
  • Travel documents
  • Medicine
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Clean underwear

Always make sure you have certain things on you at all times while traveling, you’d be surprised how many people accidentally pack their wallet into their suitcase.

So be sure to pack accordingly for the occasion and make sure you have the most import items on you at all times!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment down below!


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