Solo Travel: Being Impulsive

When you travel solo, you can do whatever you want in this world. You have nobody that can say no to you. (unless the authorities say you can’t go somewhere)
But overall you are free to do whatever you like to do!

Being impulsive

If you are like me then you are very impulsive. This actually started after my first solo trip to Dublin. Why not go to the movies twice a day? Want to go out again and meet people? Do you want to go to that sketchy neighbourhood and experience the weirdness of the world? Who is stopping you? That’s right, nobody.

Because nobody is there to stop you, being impulsive can be dangerous, don’t be a dumbass. Don’t just run into adventure without thinking. But don’t overthink either!
Think: “Would I do this with others? And how much will I enjoy it?”, if your answer is “I don’t know” then just try it!


Being on your own does mean that you will get a lot of adventure, and adventure is awesome! Walk into that biker bar, walk into that store you wouldn’t go in with friends. Is someone you talked to, and isn’t shady, offering you an experience? Go for it!

Nothing stands between you and awesome adventure! So get all the adventure in the world that you can. It will create the stories that you will be talking about your whole life and even if people don’t want to listen to your adventures, they will always be playing in your head.


So start being impulsive and go for adventure. Go have the trip of your lifetime and be that Bilbo Baggins!


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