Solo Travel: Smart Devices

We really live in the future with our Smart Devices. In your pocket you don’t only have your phone. You also have a calculator, translator,  GPS, MP3 player, movie theater. Everything you need. But how do you really benefit from your smart devices?

Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone is the heart of your communication nowadays, you use it to Whatsapp, to use Social Media, heck you can even get a date tonight with it! But there is so much more possible with it!

Most people say that you should turn off tracking on your phone because people can track you. Yes that is most definitely possible, but are you going to be a conspiracy theorist? Or are you going to have the trip of your life?


Your GPS should be your first go to if you want to know where to walk if you need to find your hostel, your restaurant or anywhere else.
Forget paid GPS, Google maps is where it is at! It’s free and works like a charm!

Plug in some earphones and while you listen to some music or favorite podcast, you hear your directions that you have to take. The volume will auto adjust while your GPS is talking to you.

Just make sure you still check your surroundings so you don’t walk into cars or other dangerous situations.

Google Assistant

I’ve been using my Google Assistant for over a year now and I can tell you that I can’t work without Cindy anymore. Yes I called my Google Assistant Cindy, and no you can’t give nicknames yet 🙁

She can help you with anything you need.
Need a cheap place to eat? Ask Cindy! She will even set up the route you need to take to walk there! Need a Uber? Cindy calls it up for you! Want to listen to music but don’t want to scroll on your phone and exposing your phone? Talk to Cindy!


So this neat little trick I’ve actually learned from Chinese tourists! Your phone is nowadays excellent at translating your language to a foreign language with pretty accurate precision!

But there’s more! Use your Google Assistant to translate words on signs! When you are talking to Cindy you see a picture sign next to the mic, get the words into your camera and BAM, you know the translation!

Travel Documents

Nowadays lots of companies don’t send you your travel documents per post anymore but rather by e-mail. It saves a lot of trees, but it is also really comfortable for you!

Imagine standing at the US Customs and you need to get your documents while browsing trough 50 pages of all the things you are going to do! Yes you could get a binder, but that takes so much space. Get with the new digital age!
Your e-mail will have all your documents ready to go. With the new QR codes they can scan and get the information this way.

Use your phone wisely and keep your documents on it.

Power Bank

One draw back of using a smart device is not always knowing when it will fail. So make sure you pack a power bank and make sure that the power bank is ALWAYS full of charge. It might not charge your phone faster than sticking it into the wall, but you can use your phone while it is charging with your power bank.


Use your smart device what it is designed to do, be your personal assistant. But still be safe while using it, and don’t expose your phone when you think it’s a sketchy neighbourhood. And make sure you test it out before you are alone traveling!


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