How Disney Made Me A Better Adult

A lot of people still believe that Disney is more for kids than Adults. But what if I’d say that Disney can make you a better Adult?

Disney Standards

A couple of years ago I wanted to work at Disneyland Paris. I didn’t get the job because of my French and I’m ok with that. But I did a lot of research to the Disney Standards. What should an employee do to make someones day magical?

I work at McDonald’s at an airport so I come across a lot of different nationalities and cultures. One of the things Disney employees cannot do is point with one finger. In some cultures that is seen as aggressive or disrespectful. So whenever I have to point to a direction for the guests at Mcdonalds, I always use two fingers or my whole hand because I can understand how it can seem odd to other people if you point with one finger.

Another thing I learned is to always be respectful, even to the biggest A-holes around. When they start screaming at me for having to pay 75 cents for sauce (really!? screaming for sauce?) I ask them with the biggest smile if they would like to speak with a manager instead. They seem to calm down when you do it in that fashion, although when I first started doing that one guy got even more upset.

Sometimes people are just rude, because you are “just a McDonald’s worker”, so whenever I spot one of those I tell them to “Have a great day!”. I mean you can’t complain about an employee for having told them to have a great day right?
No matter how sarcastic you say it, you are still trying to wish them a great day.

Love life

Nothing is more romantic than Disney. The Disney Princess movies show a lot of adventure and love, and I had decided a while ago that I will wait for my Disney Princess, no matter how long it takes. There is someone for everyone, so why date anyone you can date if you believe in true love?

Also making dates magical is something that brought me a lot of joy. Making an effort instead of just going to the movies or just going to a restaurant. Make it a Disney Date and make it the most magical thing you can imagine!


Why believe that you are just made for a 9 to 5 job? Nothing wrong with having an office job, it is just not for me. All my life I believed I was made for adventure!
I’ve been a musician for most of my life and I loved the excitement and adventure.
Saying yes to new experiences no matter how scary have brought me many adventure, that I still look back to with joy.

Because I believe that everyone’s life is a story that is worth telling, I’ve lived with the idea that my life is one big Disney story that I should make magical and awesome.
Why not go do what is so scary to me? Why not go out there and make the most of me!


I believe that everyone needs more Disney in their lives, take the lessons Disney has told us since the 30’s and wish upon a star! You never know what might happen!


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