How Disney Movies Change With Time

I think every kid grows up with at least one Disney movie they will remember for the rest of their lives. And most Disney movies stand the test of time pretty darn well.

But some change in a way you’d never expect!

A Goofy Movie


A Goofy Movie is one of those movies that drastically changes your point of view when you get older. When I saw it as a kid in the 90’s I was on Goofy’s son’s Max his side. Because Goofy was a meddling parent with no right to tell Max what he could or could not do, because goofy was a really awkward father.

Now 20 years later I’ve been re-watching one of my most favorite Disney movies time and time again. This movie really stood the test of time for me. But it changed so much!

9 years ago I became the uncle of the greatest nephew life could give me. When he was a baby he spend a lot of time at my mom’s house and I still lived with my mom, so I was able to raise him like my own son every week.

Then you re watch the masterpiece called A Goofy Movie and you see it in such a different way! Goofy wasn’t the bad guy in the movie, Max was a spoiled brat that thought he could do whatever he wanted, because he wanted to impress a girl.
Goofy just wanted to have one more amazing trip before Max would go to College and he wouldn’t have his son around him anymore. He wanted to do that trip that he did with his father, and his father with his grandpa.
It made me such a bigger Goofy fan, you have no idea. The lengths Goofy goes to make the trip amazing is something I would do for my nephew.

Lilo and Stitch


Lilo and Stitch is another move that really stood the test of time, but also changed my view on the movie drastically.

I’ve always connected with Lilo on a big level because I was also always the weird one. Heck, I’m still the weird one at work! But people love me for it now.
But being in need of a family that is not broken has always been a big part of my life.
I just didn’t have connection with Nani.

Now a decade later, I have a deep connection with Nani. She is trying to keep the family together so it won’t fall apart. She works multiple jobs so she can provide for her family, while also dating this great guy David.

David is another character that I highly connect with. I just came out of a relationship with an awesome woman with a son. I tried my best to help her and her son daily and I recognised that this is exactly what David tried to do with Nani. He isn’t just the boyfriend that shows up sometimes, he is the man who wants them to get further in life. He wants Nani to be able to provide for Lilo and herself and be able to move on.



Maybe it’s good for us to re watch our favorite childhood Disney movies and see if it stood the test of time and if we now see it in another way than we did as a kid.
Maybe I will do a full Disney marathon over the next month or so, let’s all do that, we need some Disney in our adult lives!


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