Solo Travel: Say Yes!

When traveling solo it is really important to say yes to new experiences, because after all you are here for the adventure of a life time!

A new Adventure

When you start a new adventure it is important to set goals. What do you want to do on this trip? Do you want to discover new people? Do you want to climb that awesome mountain? Do you want to ride all the thrill rides in Disney World? Do you want to relax and eat the best meals a person can buy?
It all starts with saying yes!

Say Yes, Most of the time!

Now, don’t be like Jim Carey in “Yes Man”. You don’t need to say yes to everything. But if you are anxious about new experiences, I want you to say yes to new experiences. Say yes to things you normally would never do. Say yes to the unknown!
But be smart about it, if someone comes up asking if you want to have a good time, that yes might get you an STD or even in jail. (Depends on the country that you are in)
If someone asks if you want some drugs, say no, that also might get you jail time,  you do not want to end up in an episode of “Locked Up Abroad”.


But if you are in a bar and you are talking to someone local and you are saying that you really want to scuba dive in the ocean and they say: “I have a cousin who owns a scuba diving school and I can give you a discount!” then say yes!

On my solo trip to Dublin two girls I met and had a great click with asked me to come to London with them on their trip. Due to time constraints I had to say no because I had to head back to work in three days. That taught me to ask for more vacation time before hand. You never know what will happen on your trip.

When you get older, you get a lot of what if questions. What if I did date that girl? What if I did try to get that dream job? What if I did take that amazing vacation?
Don’t become that person, become someone who looks back on your life and say: “I have done a lot of crazy things! Want to hear the craziest story ever?”
Saying yes will change your life for the better.

So be smart about it and be sure to say yes to things that will give you an awesome adventure!


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