Solo Travel: Impulses

When you are traveling alone, you might get so many impulses that it emotionally can cripple you.

It has happened to me many a time and I’ve learned a lot from it.

Being an Highly Sensative Person (HSP) impulses can feel like the world is trying to swallow me whole. But what helps against feeling overwhelmed?


While writing this, I’m sitting in a crowded train listening to some awesome classical sang music. Without it I couldn’t concentrate and I’d feel really irritated by everyone around me.

Make sure to have earbuds or over ear headphones. This will bring you into your own awesome world. You can even imagine that you are listening to your own adventures soundtrack!


Podcasts will make it feel you are not alone. Most podcasts I listen to are chaotic and funny, so I never feel like I’m alone.

There are many podcasts about traveling. There are a lot of podcasts about Disney. So check out what works for you. There’s enough to choose from!

Quiet places

Airports have my quiet places to find, restrooms are designed for that.

But if you walk in a busy city be on the lookout for side streets so you can escape the giant crowds.

If you are at Disney, there are a lot of secret “safe” spots if you know where to look for.


If you need to feel safe and alone for a while try to find out what works for you. It’s not fun to be overwhelmed by the world, so be sure to think of these tips!


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