Solo Travel: Luggage Safety

No matter if you are a backpacker or a holiday traveler, we all worry about our luggage everytime we travel.

So what are some tips to ensure your luggage to be safe?

Keep sight of it at all times

Even before 9/11 airports have been pushing hard on keeping your luggage with you the whole time, never losing seight of it once during your trip.

What happens if you let your luggage unattended?

Well it isnt pretty. Security or Military police will surround your luggage and look through it. They will study every little thing in it. They will try to identify the person whom it belongs to and they will deliver you a hefty fine. Do yourself a favor, never lose your luggage.

Another fear of unattended luggage is the chance that someone will put contraband like drugs in your luggage. You wont just get a fine, you might get jail time!

Sealing your luggage

There’s a huge increase of people who seal their luggage. You pay a good couple of bucks to do so, but you will show that you have something valuable in your luggage. And airport security are still alowed to get into your luggage nonetheless. So is it worth sealing your bag for a good couple of bucks?

In my opinion, no. If criminals want to get into your luggage they will do so anyway. Same as airport security. And if airport security goes into it, they wont seal it again.


Be safe with your luggage, it’s the closest to home you’ve got until you travel back home. So be on the lookout of your luggage at all times!


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