Solo Travel: When To Say No

In my last article where I told you to say yes more often I explained the importance when to say yes. But when should you definitely say no?

This doesn’t sound tricky, but if someone very charismatic comes your way and tells you he has the experience of a lifetime waiting for you, you might get robbed or worse.


If you travel a popular town or beach you will notice a lot of sales people walking the streets. In front of restaurants or cafe’s. Basically everywhere where adventure will not happen. They will give you discounts for like 3 drinks as long as you stay there and get incredibly drunk and spend all your money.

You don’t get adventures when you are drunk. You might sleep it off in a drunk jail, and that’s no fun adventure! You don’t get into the interesting places when a sales man have to lure you in with tales of great girls, or free drinks for woman.

Sketchy People

The salesman I just described are pretty sketchy, but there are ones that are far worse.
I’ve grown up in Amsterdam and lived there most of my life and in the streets at night it can be pretty sketchy. It used to be way worse, but now with the popularity of tourists there’s a lot more police roaming around.

Imagine you are having a great night out and you walk trough the streets looking for a new bar to get your whistle wet again. And right when you don’t expect it a guy starts talking to you about that he has the best drugs in town.
When you are intoxicated you are a lot looser than you would be normally, but taking an offer from a person like this is never a good adventure. You could get sick from it, go to jail, or worse…you could die from it.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while to get some adventures going. But if it goes against your moral believes then don’t do it. It won’t be worth it in the end. If you regret doing something then it might be on your mind for a long time.

If someone says: “We’re going to do this” and you think it won’t be something you’d ever do because it is against your religion or believes, then don’t do it. Don’t become a different person than you are. People will respect it, and if they don’t? They aren’t worth your time anyway then.


Just say no once in a while, you will feel better in the end if you do. But don’t forget to go on awesome adventures and say yes to the things you might be comfortable with!


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