Why Aren’t Disney Princes More Important?

Like I’ve said before, many a time. Disney is my childhood, Disney is still my life. I grew up with the movies and over the decades I’ve learned a lot from the movies for my every day life.

But why are the princesses so much more important to Disney than their male counterparts? Let’s find out!


I’m not saying that Disney Princes aren’t popular, but compared to their female counterpart, they have some catching up to do!

Almost every girl grows up with the tales of how awesome Disney Princesses are, they learn that they have to be an independent woman that doesn’t need a man and that they can stand up for themself. But what do boys learn? We learn that we should help the damsel in distress.

Is that very exciting for young boys? No not really. We just want to have fun while we are growing up. Doing some naughty things that might get us in trouble and seeing how we can get out of it.


Here comes Aladdin. The first Male Disney character that got his name on the cover. Now what is this character like? He has a kick ass monkey sidekick, it inspired 5-year-old Robin to name his stuffed monkey Abu. Because, I too, wanted a kickass monkey sidekick!

He’s a thief and lives outside of society. You see him give bread to kids who are starving. He right away becomes a role model to young boys.
He’s very athletic, he’s good-looking, he is everything a young boy would love to be.

So why isn’t he as important as the Disney Princesses?

Because of sales numbers.
If you don’t sell enough, you don’t get your private little princes club.
While boys where playing outside in trees, playing sports and all that, girls loved to play princesses. Now before you call me a sexist pig, I’m talking 80’s/90’s, and yes lots of girls were are still tomboys, but if you sell so much on Disney Princesses then a majority will be little girls.

Flynn Rider

A lot of people like Tangled a lot more than Frozen, and with good reason! It’s an amazing Disney movie, although somewhat underappreciated by the big crowd. In this movie we start with the narration of Flynn Rider. He tells that he’s a no good thief and they can never get his nose right.
Why is that so familiar? Right! It’s basically white Aladdin!

Flynn Rider is a success story, he starts of being “bad”, and ends up being a good guy. In the end he steals the princesses heart.
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are a great couple, actually a couple that should aspire to be one day.

And he is the first Disney Prince that actually became popular. If you visit the Disney parks and you can meet Rapunzel (if you are lucky enough), there’s a big chance Flynn Rider will be there aswell!

Prince Naveen

In the Princess and the Frog we have Prince Naveen. An actual prince! He’s the partying musician that we all loved to be. Just care free and enjoy life.
A lot of people would call him selfish because of his care free lifestyle, but he’s a character that I would love to explore more. How did he become like this? Why did his parents abandon him like that?
I just feel that there is a lot more to uncover!
Why isn’t he more popular? Because this really is a big princess movie, it says so in the title! Princess and the frog, which means Prince Naveen is basically a side character.


Disney Princes are really important to the story, but in the time of equality I would love to see more love to the Disney princes. It’s ok to have great side characters that kids can look up to and dream to be. I think boys nowadays really need that.


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