Disney Cruise: Magical Adult Vacation!

Hello readers of Wish Upon a Star…. my name is Lori and my blog is Teacher Turned Mommy, not as easy as it sounds! You might be wondering why I’m writing on here, Robin read my post about our latest Disney Cruise. He then asked me to tell you about why you as adults would enjoy traveling on a Disney Cruise. I hope you enjoy this guest post. Come read and discover why a Disney Cruise is a magical adult vacation.

Our Next Vacation

Where should we go on our next vacation? A Disney Cruise! That is a simple decision for our family. While we do have two sons, ages 11 and 12, my husband and I love these cruises too.
Many people think that Disney Cruises are just for children. however I disagree. Disney cruises are not over the top Disney. They provide a very similar experience to staying in a Disney resort. There for it is not just for kids, however it is for all ages. From the time you step aboard to the time you step off, you know you will be treated to a Disney-like experience. What does this look like? Each cast member on the ship is there to make your life and journey as memorable as possible.

Magical Experiences

Here are a few of the experiences that make these cruises memorable as well as magical:
  • — Broadway style shows
  • — First run Disney movies
  • — Hospitality that shines at every angle (wait staff travels with you each night, housekeeping checks in and helps with anything needed)
  • — Room service available 24 hrs
  • — Private Island
  • — Delicious food… can’t decide between two dishes, they will bring you both. We have even had wait staff bring us dishes we didn’t order because they felt we would enjoy it.
however, these are things that could be good for kids and adults, what makes it special for adults? There are pool areas, fitness centers, spas and salons, clubs, entertainment and beaches set aside only for adults! They also have restaurants that are adult only. But, you don’t have to do these adult only things to have fun. I can honestly say I have yet to go to the adult only beach or adult only restaurant. There are so many things to do and little nooks and crannies around that you could spend time traveling about the ship and never see the same things.

Life on the ship

On our latest trip my husband and I spent a bit more time alone. We went to two adult only shows in one of their many clubs. The first was a game show type format. We choose to sit towards the back and enjoy a drink while people watching (a favorite past time of ours). Then we stayed and watched the magician/comedian they had booked on this trip.
When you stop at the ports of call there are many options. We have planned trips at Nassau and other times we have stayed on the ship. This is always a fun time because there are so few people aboard you have places to yourself. On our last cruise, we got off the ship, walked around Nassau for a bit and then went back to the ship. Our two sons went to the kids club and my husband and I walked around the ship and then took a nap! Yep, we took a nap. This allowed us to recharge so we were ready for the rest of the trip.

Castaway Key

Castaway is my absolute favorite place to go. This trip we went kayaking. Our sons were the only children on this excursion. It took us to parts of the island that you can not explore any other way. We always recommend that you rent bikes on the island. There are some great trails to ride and a few places that are much easier to get to by bike. There is a look out tower that you can go to and get fantastic pictures of the island, the cruise ship and of course your special person/people.
So, do I think that adults will enjoy a Disney Cruise! Yes. Just know that the only gambling on this ship is bingo. It is not a cruise ship to go on to gamble, but it is a ship to go on to relax. No cell phones. No internet (really, don’t get the at sea wireless package, just disconnect). No work, no cleaning, no cooking. Instead just relax. Wake up and see the sunrise over the ocean. See the sunset over the ocean. Watch fireworks at sea. Enjoy moments of feeling like a kid again or escape to adult only areas. There for I believe that a Disney Cruise is a true magical adult vacation. Enjoy a drink. Have a laugh… and relax.

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