Girl Travel: My First Solo Trip

Heey everybody, my name is Gabriella and I’m here to tell you about my very first trip alone.

First Solo Trip

My first solo trip was to Birmingham in 2017 for the convention called “Sherlocked“. It was very exciting but also a bit scary for me because i have never been to the United Kingdom solo before.

I went there by airplane and because of my previous experiences with air travel I wasn’t nervous at all. For this trip I chose KLM as my airliner because of my great past experiences with this company.

Hotel and Convention

I stayed at the Hilton hotel where they held the convention. I loved having the hotel room all by myself, I was able to do whatever i want which was pretty awesome!


I had a platinum pass which meant that I could take pictures and get autographs of all the cast members who were there.

Later on my trip I wasn’t really alone anymore, because i met some girls that i met on twitter. We had fun together and we watched episodes of Sherlock in one of the rooms. We went to the merchandise area to score some merchandise and we hang out in my room.

On last evening before i went back home, I met another Dutch girl from twitter. We were hanging out at the meet and greet and we flew the next day together back to Amsterdam.


So my conclusion is that it can be a bit scary and exciting at the same time because you get to meet new people with the same interests as you. After that time i traveled a few more times on my own to the UK like to London.

So take my advice and don’t be afraid to travel alone and just go for it! Any girl can travel the world alone!


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