Solo Travel: Hiding your Nationality

Many tips I received when I first talked about Solo Travel with friends was that I should sow a patch of the flag of The Netherlands on my jacket to let people know where I come from. I’m not a big fan of it because over the past 20 years of my teen/adult life I often get the question if I got any weed on me.

Why would you hide your nationality?

Many people are really proud of their nationality, so am I. But while traveling I would rather not have people know exactly where I come from. Governments can know exactly who I am, but I don’t want to scream that I bleed orange. (official color of The Netherlands)

Many traveling Americans claim to be Canadian nowadays. Why? Because they don’t want to be judged on what their President is doing. What wars they are in as a country, or any other stereotypical thing.

Mostly when people ask me where I come from, because they can’t place my accent, I tend to play a little game I like to call: “Where do you think I’m from?”
Oddly enough most people think I’m either from the US or from Canada, and I tend to have a little fun and act like I am from the US. Why? Because it is a lot of fun to step into someone elses shoes sometimes.


I like to blend in with the locals, do whatever locals do and not be Dutch for some time while traveling. You tend to be a lot safer from Criminals when you don’t look like you just stepped off the plane with your shorts, sandels and white socks.

Also A lot of Americans are not favored in our nowadays world, so to not get ripped off or even assaulted they tend to be Canadian for a while. Is it bad that we judge people on their governments? Yes, yes it very much is, but it is the world we live in nowadays.

Being a different person

I love being someone else for a change, is it lying? No it’s acting. Why should you be yourself all the time? Why can’t you be a better version of yourself? Why can’t you be who you want to be? All it takes is confidence.

I’ve learned in my musician and acting days that being someone else can be liberating, and while traveling it is so easy to be someone else. Most people you meet you will never see again, so be who you want to be!


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