Solo Travel: Making Friends

Making new friends is great, especially when you go traveling by yourself. The people you will meet are most likely in the same boat as you and also want to meet new people.
But what I have learned is that it can be really frustrating when you find out they leave the next day!

Lasting Friendships

Your solo travel friendships will be relatively short. But they don’t have to be!
When I arrived in Dublin I met this New Zealand dude called Noey, we were hanging out together and we clicked right away. We had great conversations about everything! Music, religion, politics, movies! We were brothers from another mother.

But then came the dreaded question: “when do you leave?” and his answer was the next morning. I was so bummed out, I had found an awesome person that was to leave a couple of hours later! We did exchange social media profiles and we became friends.
Two weeks later we actually met up again because he wanted to travel to Amsterdam. I gave him a bed for a week at my place and we were hanging out together but now for real!

I don’t speak to him that much nowadays, but I always know he’s just one message away from having an awesome conversation again!

How to make friends?

That’s actually easier than I originally thought. Open yourself up for new experiences,  say yes! Talk to the people you meet, and be as open as you can be. Don’t expect too much and you will have a great time!

For me it started with bringing a bottle of Whiskey to a common room in a hostel, but for you it can be someone who reads an interesting book. Someone you think looks awesome with their style. Maybe even someone who has a little flag of your country as a pin or a patch on their clothing/bags.

Just go out there and make friends!


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