Solo Travel: Nightlife

When I went to Dublin for the very first time solo I decided I wanted the real Irish experience. A big part of that is going to a bar and have a great time!

Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is a great way to get to great pubs and have drinks with a lot of people with the same mindset. Growing up in Amsterdam I became a bit hesitant of Pub Crawls because I didn’t like the whole go with a group thing.

Pub Crawl

Oh how I was wrong! It was actually one of the best nights out in my life! And I’ve spent many legendary nights out in Amsterdam, where I still tell stories to friends about.

When I was relaxing at my hostel in my group room 2 girls invited me on this pub crawl, like I wrote before I was kind of hesitant at the time, but they convinced me to go. I mean as a 20-year-old it’s cool when girls ask you out right?
So we went on to Trinity College where the group was already waiting and it was led by a student at Trinity College. He did it in a non fuzz manner, he’d talk a bit about the place and then we went in to drink.
Some of the places featured live music that was excellent, some were more modern like club styles. He brought me to places that I wouldn’t go myself and in that way taught me to open up about new pubs and cafe’s.

So a Pub Crawl is an excellent way to do solo traveling nightlife!

Drinking alone

If you are drinking alone, are you actually drinking alone? At most times a bar or a pub will be busy as is and you will always have someone to talk to.
Personally on my drinking alone nights to get some adventure I mostly went to the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe.I came there almost twice a week while I wasn’t performing music or doing my day job. I actually became friends with a couple of the waitresses who were always up for a chat and at some point even the manager knew me by name and gave me free drinks and food.

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

It’s all about your mentality. Are you drinking because you are sad about life? You won’t find adventure there! People will see you sitting there alone and think to leave you alone. Show that you have a great time and people will find you interesting enough to talk to!

Who knows what kind of adventure you’ll find, maybe you will find friends for life! Maybe you will even bump into the one you looked for all your life!
Open up for experiences that you’d normally never do, say yes!


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