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Solo Travel: Learning the Local Language

*Disclaimer: this blog is not sponsored by Duolingo, I think it’s an amazing product for anyone to use*

When traveling to foreign countries with foreign languages it can be really helpful to know the local language. Sure technology will bring you far, but you will still be seen as that tourist.

Locals can be impressed if you at least try to speak some words, or try to understand them. So why not impress the people you are traveling to? Why not take that little bit of extra effort?

Understanding is knowing

If you understand the language, you know what is going on. Not everyone in the world speaks English. In fact the biggest 2 languages are Chinese and Spanish. So by that, Spanish would be an amazingly effective language to learn if you don’t go to China.

What if you run into some problem, but nobody around you understands you. You use your phone right? Well let’s say your phone’s battery is dead, or even worse, it broke down on your trip. Knowing at least a bit of the local language might save your life.

“It’s too hard to learn a new langauge”

Yes it can be hard to learn a language, but if you just spend an hour a week, to learn a couple of sentences, you will much easier learn the new language.
You don’t need to have a book open anymore where you just keep repeating the same words over and over again. That’s not learning a new language, that’s just repetition.

Everyone can learn a second language, heck go for a third while you are at it! Go watch foreign movies, go out there and speak to other people who don’t have your language as the first language.


Duolingo is an amazing application where you can learn a new language for free! It is highly motivational to use and it adjusts itself to your level and how you learn.
That this application is free is beyond me, because it gives so much! Yes you will have ads running on your screen, and that’s how they make their money. But in the end, you don’t need to invest a dime.

Give Duolingo a chance and change the way you travel. If you can speak to the locals, you can do so much more. If you can understand what people say behind your back, it might save your money or even your life.


Do yourself a favor and invest your time, not even your money, to learn that second or third language. Learning can be fun with Duolingo, so make use of it.