Solo Travel: Money

When you go on a trip you have some extra money around right? But how do you budget your money? How do you make sure you don’t overspend your credit cards?

Know your budget

Write down how much you can spend on your trip. Devide that by the days you are traveling. That is your budget.

Let’s start with an example, your trip is 10 days and you have 1000 dollars to spend.

Hotel Food
75 25

A thousand dollars seems a lot of money, but on a trip where you sleep in a hotel it can be not as much as you’d expect. So you don’t have a hotel budget if you want to do anything else. So let’s look at a hostel stay where you want your own room.

Hostel Food Other
25 25 50

Here you can see that you, because you are choosing a less expensive place to sleep, you can do so much more with your stay. You have 50 dollars a day to do fun stuff, buy souvenirs. Anything you like!
So know your budget before you choose!


Most hotels only take credit cards as payment because if you take food from the mini fridge, they can charge your credit card right away. Maybe you have done a Rock star and completely refurbished the room and thrown the tv out of the window. This is their security that they will get paid for their losses.

But Credit cards are also really easy to get debts on. You can spend money you don’t have and that is really tricky. What if you see this totally amazing thing you want to buy but it is out of your budget? Take out your credit card!

But it can also save you, if you don’t have money but you need to eat, you can charge it to your credit card. Don’t have a place to sleep? Go to your hotel with your Credit card.


So be super smart about your spending, because before you know it your 1000 dollar budget becomes 5000 dollar debt.



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