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Review: Captain Marvel

When I came into the theater this morning to be one of the first of the non journalist people to see this movie, I had no real expectations. Captain Marvel is one of the heroes that I know not much about. My first real encounter with her is in Civil War 2 in the comics.

The movie starts with the epic Marvel Logo, but they changed it because of the death of the creator called Stan Lee. Known for his amazing writing, his amazing performances as a spokesman, and of course his many cameo’s in Marvel movies!
When the Marvel Logo sequence stops they take a moment to thank Stan Lee. He will be missed by millions who have enjoyed his work, and the millions more who only just learned the work of this amazing man.

I have to admit, the beginning was a bit hard to follow, but that is for a reason. Vers (Captain Marvel) doesn’t have memory of her past, but she has flashes of what happened in the past but she cannot remember why she remembers it.

She’s part of an elite team of Kree who are out to find a spy that infiltrated the Skrull.
So the Skrull are shapeshifting aliens who infiltrate worlds to destroy them. As we learn during the explanation.

The whole secret mission of finding the spy is a nod to 80’s military movies but with a more Alien kind of feeling. The whole color scheme they use feel incredibly 80’s, which in my opinion is amazing. While watching this movie I began to feel incredibly nostalgic on so many levels, it feels familiar yet new.
I won’t give away too much of this incredible scene of 80’s action, other than it is well made and very fun to watch.

A couple of scenes later Vers comes to earth by falling down into a Blockbuster store and it looks all so familiar, I don’t live in the US, neither have I grown up in the US, but from movies from the 80’s and 90’s I feel like I know them all so well!
She needs to communicate with her crew and she asks a security guard where their communications equipment are. He then points to a Radio Shack, another company that recently closed their last stores. So even more familiarity!
We get to know now that she is incredibly talented with tech, she makes a modified transmitter so she can holotalk to her crew. She does this by altering a payphone.

A couple of moments later a couple of police cars and a black car in the style of Man In Black arrive. They had a call about a woman falling trough the roof of a Blockbuster who was wearing a scuba diving suit. This however isn’t normal police, this is S.H.I.E.L.D.
But now comes the amazing thing, it’s Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. All young again! Disney has some de-aging tech, or they have cryfrozen their actors, either way it’s amazing tech that makes people look like they are young again.

Agent Coulson is the rookie agent, which gives Coulson so much more back story altogether. We now know that Fury and Coulson were pretty close in the past, and were partners. I would love to see them having adventures!
After their encounter more amazing 80 style action starts happening and I absolutely adore how they did it. You do get the feeling that you know what will happen, but in the most delightful way!

This is where the story really takes off, action follows action without forgetting the narrative that is needed to make this a good story. From 80’s classic scenes to Star Wars worthy dog fights, it’s amazing.

I’m not going to give away the full story in this review, because I believe you should see this adventure by your own eyes, you need to see the evolving Carol Danvers and her adventure.

But I will say that this movie scratches a couple of my movies itches that I’ve missed for some time now! From a Top Gun 80’s classic movie to Star Wars. No seriously they managed to have a perfect mix of Top Gun and Star Wars.

Conclusion: 8/10

If you are a Marvel fan, then this is a must see. If you aren’t a hardcore marvel fan then this isn’t an important movie to see. I would say it is as important as Black Panther to the overall Avengers story. But we will have to wait for End Game to really conclude that.