Solo Travel: Backpacks

When you do solo traveling your backpack is your home away from home. It holds most if not all of your items that you haul to the other side of the world. But what kind of backpack should you choose? Do you really need one of those huge backpacks you see backpackers use? Can’t you just use your favorite Eastpack backpack? Let’s find out!

Backpackers Backpack

If you ever been to a big touristy city or a big airport you probably could trow a rock and hit at least 5 of these backpacks. They are indeed essential if you want to travel the world with enough clothes to last 2 weeks. But everyone and their grandmother will know that you are a tourist.

Personally I would never use one of these because it is not my way of traveling. Also I love being in the middle of the crowd and nobody will notice me.

Use this backpack when:

  • You want to travel the world without a suitcase
  • Be more mobile with more stuff
  • When you want everyone to know you are a backpacker
  • When you travel with a small tent or bigger sleeping bag

So what would I use for a trip?

During my normal day life I use my Disneyland Paris Nightmare before Christmas backpack. It’s small enough not to be a bother, but I can still travel with my work clothes and my laptop. But it’s not ideal for a bigger trip than the 2 hours I daily commute.

Personally I would use this kind of backpack for traveling for a week max. It doesn’t hold too much, but if you are traveling light you don’t need a whole lot of stuff with you. You could hold up to 5 pairs of underwear, same amount of socks and maybe 4 shirts.
Next to that you can still pack your laptop, chargers, other entertainment without any problems.


With a backpack like this you don’t stand out in the crowd, you could be a business man going to work, you could be a line chef, you could be a cleaner. Nobody will bother you, nobody will try to scam you more than normal day life.
It also looks really comfortable in the back, which is a much bigger difference than your normal Eastpack kind of backpack.
Sure you can’t bring everything you need for a 2 week trip or if you want to go camping, but if you are like me then you like to travel light.

If you have any suggestions on backpacks, be sure to leave a comment down below.



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